Courtney Love: Fire at New York Home Causes Burns to Singer’s Hands

Courtney Love is known for being hot as a fire sometimes but that went literal on Thursday morning when her New York townhouse actually caught fire. Love was left with burns to her hands but she didn’t require medical attention. Courtney may not be much to look at but she is one tough chick.

A spokesperson for the New York City Fire Department stated, “We can confirm that we attended a small fire at the location and the curtains were on fire. The owner had burns to her hands and refused medical treatment.”

It was Courtney Love’s fourth floor of her $27,000 per month rental home that caught fire early last night around 1:50 a.m. No one else was reportedly harmed during the fire and the actual condition of the home hasn’t been released either.

Hopefully, Courtney wasn’t doing anything she shouldn’t have been. Love does have a history of loving drugs and booze so who knows what could have caused the fire. Fortunately, her daughter wasn’t caught up in it.

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