Courtney Love Shows her True Beauty

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Courtney Love has revealed a side of her that warrants an apology for how she’s been perceived as nothing more than a drugged up skank. Her first ever art exhibit will be unveiling next month, titled “And she isn’t Even Pretty.” The words of the title alone give you a peek into the soul of the woman once married to Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain. The exhibit features work inspired by “girl crushes” she has had along with past romances which have influenced her. Nirvana fans shouldn’t get too interested, though, since this is being reported as a “Kurt-free zone.”

Courtney Love bares her soul in these works of art, and in the video shared at the bottom of this story, you can see just how sad the woman really is in life. In fact, the woman deserves a bit of an apology from those who have painted her as a one-dimensional character. Yes, she has her issues like nearly anybody else, but with this new artistic endeavor she’s revealing the most intimate side of her—her soul.

Would you ever want to own a piece of Courtney Love’s artwork?

Behind The Scenes With Courtney Love

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