Courtney Love Sued for $4,000 Worth of Flowers

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Courtney Love has been accused of stealing $4,000 worth of flowers according to the latest reports.

Love, who isn’t really a stranger to legal troubles has got herself in hot water once again over a large floral order that was placed two years ago.

My Secret Garden, the floral shop she placed the order from, claims that Love had ordered up several arrangements from them which came to a total of just over $3,000. However, once all the orders were finalized, her bill was a whopping thousand dollars more.

The florist claims that over the last two years since the orders were placed, several notices had been sent to Love requesting that the bill be paid. However, they received nothing at all in the form of monetary payments for their services.

The florist was forced to take the outstanding balance to small claims court and is requesting $4,116 to cover damages and services not paid.

Doesn’t seem like there’s much of anything that Courtney can do to contest the charges. If what the shop says is legit, she’s gonna have to cough up the money, like it or not. In addition it might be a good idea for her to refrain from making such large orders if she hasn’t the ability or desire to pay for them.

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