Courtney Love Topless in Concert: Out of Control or Just Regular Antics?

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Love her or hate her, Courtney Love knows how to get attention. Whether it’s drunken tirades or flashing David Letterman, she definitely keeps her name in the headlines no matter what! This time, the 47-year-old Courtney went topless, baring her breasts for all to see during a concert in Sao Paulo, Brazil, over the weekend. Shocking? Nah, it’s just “normal” behavior for Love. No breakdown, just a bit of nudity.

Courtney Love was playing a set with other female musicians at the Sao Paulo Music and Arts Festival last night when she apparently decided the audience needed something to get them going. Her solution? Taking off her t-shirt, then the tube top underneath and then? She let it all hang out, singing completely topless without missing a beat.

Unlike some of her earlier antics, Courtney Love’s topless antics in Brazil seems more like a way to fire up an audience and be a cool rock chick, so to speak. She didn’t smash any guitars and she actually appears, at least in published photos, to look sober (though with rock musicians, sometimes it is hard to tell). Fans of Love’s music are probably not surprised by this behavior at all.

Keep rocking, Courtney, topless or not!

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