Courtney Robertson Falls in Love in Mexico—Is Ben Flajnik Jealous?

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Courtney Roberston and Ben Flajnik took a recent trip to Mexico. What the ‘Bachelor’ and his woman were looking for was a little love. That’s right, Courtney and Ben were looking to work on their relationship, without the cameras being on them 24/7. From the sound of things, Courtney found love, in an interesting place.

Yep, Courtney Robertson found love, not with Ben Flajnik, but with a new puppy at the Puerta Vallarta animal shelter. Okay, to be fair, Ben had a little puppy love, too. Yea, according to reports, Ben and Courtney completely fell “in love” with a pair of new puppies. Of course they did. Nothing says moving a relationship forward like getting a pet or two together, right?

So did they get a new puppy? Actually, they didn’t. Ben Flajnik doe already have a dog at home, a Jack Russell Terrier named Scotch. Still, it is nice to know that Ben Flajnik and Courtney Robertson have a love of animals in common. Surely if they end up together long-term, they will adopt another dog to give Scotch a little company, right?

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