Courtney Robertson ‘Heartbroken’ after ‘Bachelor’ Ben Flajnik Cheats!

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Bachelor Ben Flajnik and Courtney Robertson have been having major problems since getting engaged Nov. 16. While watching the season, Ben finally got a clue and realized he had totally gotten played by a manipulative sociopath. And apparently he’s not interested in trying to work things out (who can blame him?), because he’s been hooking up with other women — leaving Courtney “heartbroken,” Us Weekly (via is reporting.

“Ben began having issues with what he saw,” a “source” dishes to the mag. “Instead of talking to Courtney about it, he just started avoiding her. They haven’t split, but he basically stopped talking to her.”

Wow, that’s mature. Ben’s obviously one of those guys who’s too chicken to break up with a woman, so he just acts like a jackass and forces her to do the dumping because she’s so fed up. And maybe he wouldn’t have “issues with what he saw” if he had listened to the other contestants’ repeated warnings about Courtney, instead of falling for her lies and deceit. What an idiot. You made your bed, pal!

Us Weekly claims that Ben has been spotted out with three different women in recent weeks, and two of them have spent the night with him. And — boo-hoo! — Courtney has a sad (although that’s probably only because the tables have turned and she’s the one getting treated like garbage now).

“Courtney did develop feelings for Ben,” an “insider” tells Us Weekly. “She cares for him and wants to make it work. [But] Courtney is really frustrated. She’s trying to figure things out, but he isn’t talking to her.”

What a load of crap! Just last week Us Weekly reported that Courtney was never attracted to Ben, and now suddenly “she cares for him and wants to make it work”? Whatever! Courtney and Bachelor producers have gone into major damage control mode the past couple weeks after finally realizing viewers hate her, but if they think the public will start believing that this two-faced succubus feels remorse for her actions and is actually invested in her relationship, they’re wrong.

But at least there are guaranteed to be fireworks during the “After the Final Rose” episode. According to Us Weekly‘s source, “They have not had a breakup talk, but it’s been very tense between them. She feels very disconnected from him, and he can’t stand confrontation.” Reports have claimed that Ben realizes he should have chosen runner-up Lindzi Cox, so this is starting to sound like it could be a repeat of Jason Mesnick’s season, when he dumped final-rose recipient Melissa Rycroft and got back together with Molly Malaney on the “After the Final Rose” special. But no matter what happens, although Bachelor producers pretend their show is about finding love and not about ratings, there’s no way they can edit that episode to make viewers believe Ben and Courtney are happy and going to get married.

What do you think? Do you feel bad for Courtney Robertson? Is Ben Flajnik the most clueless Bachelor ever? Sound off in the comments!

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