Courtney Stoddard Photographed in Minimal Make-up: Shocking?

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Courtney Stoddard took a coffee run on Wednesday sans her usual multiple layers of pancake make-up, false eyelashes, overkill blush, and strategically applied lip gloss. While the soon-to-be reality star didn’t look as fresh-faced as she did in her early teens, the overall effect was much more pleasant than the cosmetology disaster Stoddard usually resembles.

The Huffington Post shared the image of Courtney walking in an athletic bra and sport shorts while handling her cell phone and a cup of coffee. The actual difference in her appearance is quite striking in a bad-to-bad sort of way.

Without a head-to-toe application of airbrushed make-up, the 17-year-old Stoddard actually looks even older than she does in full drag. Her upper chest area and upper arms show the after-effects of too many tanning bed sessions as does her face. In fact, the red splotches on Courtney’s skin suggest that she may have only recently exited a tanning bed.

While she is not entirely without make-up, her skin could be considered fresh-faced by comparison. Without dramatic eyeliner and pursed lips, Courtney Stoddard’s face looks a bit more normal and seems to strongly suggest that the young woman did, in fact, go under the knife sometime between her 13th birthday and the present day. Teen’s faces do rearrange as baby fat disappears and adult features become more pronounced, but Courtney’s face seems to have altered completely when compared to photos of her as a young teen.

This new photograph of Stoddard with minimal make-up is sure to increase speculation that she is not 17 years old. Despite a lack of product, she still looks more like a woman in her mid to late thirties. If Courtney Stoddard is only 17, she is a testimony to the damage tanning beds can do to the skin and a cautionary tale about plastic surgery taken to extremes.

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