Courtney Stodden Airs Her Reality Show on YouTube

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Courtney Stodden is the self-professed celebrity who just won’t go away. When networks refused her reality show proposal, she decided to do it herself on YouTube. It seems the girl just won’t take “no” for an answer.

Stodden’s been trying to strip, tease, flirt and finesse her way into a career for months now. She’s shocked and titillated the public for sure. Sadly, that’s about it. That’s why it’s so disturbing that she can’t understand why she isn’t a star.

Courtney isn’t Paris Hilton or Kim Kardashian. Nearly having sex on camera with her older actor husband, Doug Hutchison, isn’t considered entertainment to most people. Still, Stodden has the right to continue making a fool of herself if she wants to. Apparently, that’s what she’s intent on doing.

In her first You Tube show she whines and complains about her foot hurting in her 6″ platform heels. Big surprise there! What is a surprise, however, is that her mother seemed more concerned about what dress she chose for some photo shoot than she did about her daughter’s possible injury. After all, it could have been more than a sprain. Still, it didn’t seem to matter to mom.

To his credit, Hutchison took the matter seriously and suggested his wife stay off her big shoes for a while. Of course, she wasn’t having any of that.

Courtney Stodden spends most of the video in her underwear or wearing other outfits that leave absolutely nothing to the imagination. That should get her some of the attention she so desperately craves. Maybe it will be enough to keep off the public radar for a short while. A lot of people are on Courtney overload.

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