Courtney Stodden and Doug Hutchison Reality Show in the Works?

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Courtney Stodden, the 16-year-old bride of 51-year-old Lost actor Doug Hutchison, might just get the career boost she needs if the couple land their own reality show.

The couple’s age difference has caused quite a stir, with many people furious that Courtney’s mother is allowing her to marry a man older than her own father (in most states 16-year-olds can get married, as long as they have their parent’s consent). However, the couple has insisted that they are happy together, and it seems that they want to prove it to the world.

Of course starring in a reality show would be the best way to do that, and they’ve already got the perfect “plot” for such a series. Courtney Stodden is an aspiring musician, so the show could document her attempt at becoming a star. However, it doesn’t really matter what the show focuses on — people would tune in out of morbid curiosity just to judge for themselves if this creepy couple is for real.

Apparently reality show producers see Dough Hutchison and his child bride as a goldmine, so it’s very likely this show is going to get made. Sadly, bleached-blonde Courtney kind of seems like an Anna Nicole in the making, so it will probably be a bona fide hit (before we know it, Casey Anthony is going to have her own reality show, too).

It’s quite surprising that Courtney already didn’t become known as the second coming of Rebecca Black after her story became an internet sensation. The music video below displays Courtney Stodden’s “talents” (that really looks like an alcoholic drink in her hand, and it’s a good thing she was just lip-synching in the video, or that poor pink-haired puppy would have been howling).

Courtney says it would be “another beautiful blessing” if her controversial marriage helped her career in some way. If by “career” she’s referencing being a reality TV train wreck, she’s definitely on her way — if she and Doug can’t land their own show, there’s still time for her to try and land a role on 16 and Pregnant.

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