Courtney Stodden Bakes in a Sexy Bustier for Mother’s Day

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Courtney Stodden’s idea of celebrating Mother’s Day, or any holiday, for that matter, is getting dressed, or undressed, for a themed photo shoot. This time, the teen bride got her mom involved in a cake baking adventure like no other. Cooking for mom on Mother’s Day is normal, wearing next to nothing while doing so, not so normal, unless you are Courtney.

The young lady donned her favorite pair of stripper heels and a piece of cloth that is supposed to be a skirt for her foray into the kitchen. Courtney’s hair was teased and styled with a black flower added for good measure. Every guy’s fantasy maid costume was fulfilled as Courtney added a completely useless white apron to her ensemble. A black bustier ensured her assets were pushed up and nearly spilling out as she posed provocatively throughout the baking escapade.

Her mother, thankfully, was sensibly dressed, and looked a little awkward posing for pictures with her daughter who did her best to look like a sex kitten. She was with her mother for goodness sakes! The Daily Mail ran a very lengthy article with a ton of photos of the ridiculous girl posturing for the cameras. You can check them out here.

Courtney Stodden has become more famous for her over-the-top photo shoots than her um, singing abilities. What will she do for Memorial Day? Will she leave that one alone? Doubtful, but hopefully she has enough respect to stay out of the cemeteries on the day of remembrance.

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