Courtney Stodden: Cheap Girl, Cheap Closet

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She just won’t go away! Little Courtney Stodden, 17, invited a photographer into her home to show off her bedroom and clothes. The photos are being published in the tabloid NW Austrailia and shows what a mess this poor child as well as her home! The tiny closet has two pull-open, slated doors, just like most people have in their homes. So much for Courtney being a “star” with a closet everyone envies! You can’t help but notice that the two mirrors in the room are filthy and one looks terribly old. It only gets worse from there.

Courtney became “famous” when she married Green Mile actor Doug Hutchison, 51, in Las Vegas when she was 16. They started a relationship online after Stodden contacted him about acting lessons. Hutchinson claims they were in love before they met and he found out how old she was. Stodden’s mother had to give her permission for the marriage and has said publicly that she doesn’t find it creepy at all. At 15 years old, Stodden released two sleazy music videos and has videos on YouTube of her as young as 14, pushing out her breasts (which was real according to Dr. Drew, see below) and shaking her butt. Where has her family been during all of this? Clearly, her mother is just as much of a famehunter as Courtney, so what about dad? Grandparents? School counselors?

Courtney tries hard to be sexy on Twitter (as a ‘recording’ artist), her favorite mode of communication with her ‘fans’. DailyMail posted one recent tweet, “Playfully licking frosting off of the tips of my tasty fingers while I plunge into a precious pile of soft feather boa scarves – MEOW! XOs”. Uh, what? It appears the constant tweets about her feather boas is a bunch of boas crap! In the photos of her ‘sexy’ bedroom, they had to move her small amount of clothes over and over to various locations for the pix. There is one red feather boa that appears in most of the photos along with a lingerie thing with white feathers around it.

Courtney often talks about her big collection of shoes, however, she is always photographed wearing the same super-high lucite stripper heels. There are two or three decent pairs of shoes in the pix, but most are clearly old, some even old-fashioned. The other things in the photos are typical JC Penny prom dresses, major-padded bras and/or bathing suits (especially a leopard one popping up in most pix) and staged shopping bags from Victoria’s Secret and Blackjack with old heels and clothes hanging out of them. There’s also her trademark cheap arm band that appears to be attached to her. And, in at least two of the photos, the Photoshopping/airbrushing is obvious.

Poor Courtney is trying so desperately to be a star, the tabloids and constant sleazy photo shoots must be paving the way financially for her to send out this ad online: “Musician and actress Courtney Stodden is currently seeking dancers and extras for her upcoming music video production taking place in Hollywood, California. With nearly 7,000,000 views on YouTube, this is your opportunity to star side by side with one of the internet’s biggest pop culture sensations.” She doesn’t realize how she’s being exploited. It would be funny if it wasn’t so darn sad.

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