Courtney Stodden Considers Going Sexy for Halloween: Big Surprise!

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Courtney Stodden doesn’t need an excuse to strip down to nothing. She does it all the time. However, Halloween gives her a reason to do again. While looking for a costume, it’s no surprise that Courtney headed for those that showed the maximum amount of skin.

To be fair, Stodden tried on a variety of costumes, but they all had one thing in common — not much in the way of fabric. One of her costumes was a sexy cave girl number. Get a load of Courtney in leopard here. She also tried on a barely there sailor getup and even a few tutus, which might have been interesting.

No one seems to know what the former teen bride actually bought. However, she was seen leaving a Hollywood Boulevard store with bag in hand. That means she bought something. It looks like her legions of fans (all two of them) will have to wait to see what getup she finally dons for the holiday.

It’s kind of surprising that Courtney Stodden just didn’t do Eve. A couple of strategically placed tiny fig leaves seems right in character with her penchant for showing off what mommy and daddy gave her. She’s not shy in the least so why bother with fabric now?

There’s one request though. No one wants to see her 52-year-old husband as Adam. That would send children into absolute shock.

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