Courtney Stodden Gets Dissed on ‘Gossip Girl’

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Courtney Stodden, the teen bride famous for always dressing and acting slutty, considers herself a sexy celebrity. A lot of people don’t. Apparently that includes television’s Gossip Girl. The show recently dissed Stodden. Here’s what went down.

Stodden became the butt of a joke after the unsuccessful mating of Gossip Girl’s Blair and Dan. It seems after all the buildup leading to the couple finally doing the deed — in an elevator nonetheless — the sex fell completely flat.

Although the couple tries to fake it, Blair finally admits she didn’t enjoy the coupling. “That was terrible,” she tells Dan. “…Like the least sexy thing since Courtney Stodden.” To add injury to insult, Dan responds with, “I don’t know who that is, but it’s much worse.” Ouch!

Staying true to her slutty ways, Courtney took it upon herself to respond to the diss via Twitter. “Oh Blair…if Dan was with me, I would have shown him a waaay better time…,” she bragged.

She must have forgotten she’s already married. On the other hand, maybe that doesn’t matter.

Stodden’s one so-called celebrity that needs to just go away. She’s gaining way too much fame for all the wrong things. It sends the worst kind of message to today’s young girls.

What do you think? Is Courtney a celebrity in your book? Does she deserve fame? Sound off.

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