Courtney Stodden Gets Semi Naked to Announce Music Video

As usual, Courtney Stodden got semi naked to announce the premiere date of her music video. One certainly can’t accuse the blonde bombshell of exhibiting the least bit of “class”. That’s simply not in her genes. She is, however, raw, sensual, sexy (at least to some) and in your face. At least she’s honest about who she is.

Courtney’s “Reality” video is set to premiere just before Valentine’s Day on February 9th. Whether the date was chosen for its closeness to the special day of flowers and candy is unknown. However, Stodden does appear as a walking piece of candy for the video so perhaps it was.

Courtney made news a few months ago by holding auditions for the role of her “Reality” male companion. Her husband, Doug Hutchinson, helped her pick out the super hot stud who will appear with her. Here’s hoping he doesn’t love to regret that choice.
He might want to stick by her side at the premiere just to be safe.

“Reality” will be introduced to the world at a West Hollywood nightclub called Eleven. There’s a catch, though. Eighteen-year-old Courtney Stodden won’t be drinking during her gala opening. She’s still not old enough. Sadly, spreading her legs for the cover of her CD is okay with her mom and her hubby. There’s something just so weird about that.

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