Courtney Stodden Rejected by Playboy—Shocking Reason Why

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Courtney Stodden is officially an adult, which has opened up some doors for her in the entertainment business. The reality star hopeful has been marketing her body for the past couple of years in the hopes of being the next big thing, but so far, television executives are not biting.

The teen bride craves attention, but she is not quite ready to take off all her clothes for just anybody. Granted, her publicity stunts rarely include more than a few strategically placed scraps of material, but a girl has got to have some standards. Budding actresses have discovered Hugh Hefner’s Playboy can go a long way to boosting their careers. Courtney is hoping to show off her assets one day in the men’s magazine in an effort to kick-start her career as an A-list Hollywood celebrity.

She tweeted, “No to porn…yes to Playboy ;) xxx” on September 1st in response to questions about her future as an adult film star. However, she is jumping the gun a bit. A source reports Playboy is not interested in Courtney Stodden stripping for their magazine. According to the insider, Courtney “doesn’t meet the standards of a Playboy model.”

The source says the young lady looks a little too “enhanced” for the magazine’s tastes. Courtney vehemently denies she has breast implants, but would it matter if she did. Seriously, how many of the ladies who have posed for the magazine are sporting their real breasts anyways? Could it be her heavy makeup? She does tend to plaster it on.

The insider goes on to say, “I don’t think anybody really wants to see that anyway.” She is a beautiful girl, but she has pretty much already shown everything she has to offer. She should have practiced a little more modesty in the past. Live and learn.

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