Courtney Stodden Says Doug Hutchison is Her Soulmate; Claims She was a Virgin (Video)

Courtney Stodden says that her husband, Doug Hutchison, is her soulmate. Isn’t that just so cute? Considering Stodden is only 16 but looks like she’s 35, well, maybe the kid has developed the brains and emotions of a 35-year-old too. Yeah never know when it comes to love, right?

Well, if you have no idea who these people are: Stodden and Hutchison made headlines because he’s a B-list actor on a few TV shows and oh yeah, he’s 51 and he fell in love with a blonde 16-year-old vixen on the Internet! Wait, it gets creepier because after four months of courting Courtney, he actually got her parents to go along with the idea of him wedding their teen daughter! Ha! Parents of the Year award goes to not Stodden’s parents.

Anyhow, in a recent interview with ABC’s Good Morning America, Hutchison stated, “My world turned upside down. [Online communication] is a really unique and beautiful way to get to know someone. We didn’t have the distraction of the physical.” He also stated that when he met Stodden’s parents, “I said [that] if you and [Courtney’s father] have any misgivings whatsoever about this, if you are uncomfortable with it, I will respect you, and Courtney will respect you, and we will step back.”

Well, Stodden’s parents might have seen dollar signs or something because they were absolutely fine with their teen becoming a wife. In fact, Stodden’s own mother was the one to suggest Doug and Courtney get married in a state that would allow a minor to wed an old ass man, uh, someone that was 35 years her senior.

And the cherry on top was the fact that Courtney Stodden was a virgin when she met her husband! Speaking about her virginity, Stodden said, “I was a virgin. I knew that if I kept that, I would be blessed with a beautiful gift. And God did! He blessed me with my soulmate.”

Wow, way to go Courtney! You kept yourself pure for a whole 16 years! Wooo Hooo to you! That would be sweet and impressive if she were in her 20s but at 16, well, eh. Just about anywhere else, parents would be concerned if their 16-year-old was being wooed by a 51-year-old online but not in the Stodden household. Seriously, anywhere else and Doug Hutchison would have been labeled a pedophile but at least he married Courtney Stodden before they became intimate. That counts for something, right?

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