Courtney Stodden Talks Being a Princess Every Day, Ages Hubby

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Teen bride Courtney Stodden recently sat down to talk about a typical day in her life and how she shares new experiences with her 50+ husband, Doug Hutchinson. Unfortunately for the age gap couple and any other person who married outside of their own generation, the wannabe celebrity managed to make her husband sound more like her Dad. She also made herself sound like Pop’s spoiled brat.


Celebuzz carried the full scoop, and a video of Stodden delivering her answers is shown below. In the clips, Courtney talks about how she turns Doug on to new and interesting music!

I turned him on to Maroon 5, Train, and, you know all the new awesome bands who are out.

New bands? Maroon 5 and Train are new bands? It is good to know that groups that have been mainstream since Courtney was in grade school still qualify as new. On the merit of that comment alone, maybe Maroon 5 can snatch up another Best New Artist Grammy to match the one they won in 2005. And Train? Train formed the year Stodden was born and had hit singles while she was in Kindergarten. Again, new bands?

However, the Maroon 5 sadness doesn’t end there. When Courtney Stodden said, “Doug calls Maroon 5, Monsoon 5… It’s so embarrassing,” she subconsciously revealed that her husband is a bit more like a Dad. How? Husband’s predominantly infuriate and irritate. They can be embarrassing, but not in a quaint “you’re so out of touch” kind of way.

Within the interview, Stodden also revealed some favorite movies she and Doug enjoy: I Love Lucy, The Honeymooners, and Green Acres. While the extra running times these programs enjoy, thanks to less lengthy commercial segments, is noticeable, they would only seem like movies to someone with the attention span of a flea. Of course, one can hardly blame Courtney. Time does drag when you constantly have to adjust your bra padding and put on a sexy face.

The coup de grâce for the entire interview came when Courtney Stodden said that a “Typical day for me is like a princess.” Why? Because she has a built-in maid masquerading as a husband. Doug follows the prematurely aged celebrity around picking up behind her from the moment she wakes.

He picks up spilled coffee beans, foundation, feathers from her robe… this guy does it all to keep his princess happy! The creepy too much like a dad vibe increases. If Hutchinson is a fastidious housekeeper while Stodden is not, his proclivities are one thing, but if his tidying habits revolve around trying to keep up with his spoiled wife-child, the situation is entirely different.

Age gap relationships can work, but this one reeks of phoniness and affectation. The marriage also has the hallmarks of a mutually exploitive one—Doug has a wife that looks like a porn star, and Courtney has a live-in servant. It’s hard to say who got the better end of the deal.

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