Courtney Stodden to Star in ‘Harper Valley P.T.A.’ Movie Remake?

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Okay, teen bride Courtney Stodden isn’t exactly going to star in a Harper Valley P.T.A. remake, but her mom says that a movie based on Courtney’s life story will be similar to it.

It’s starting to become fairly evident where Courtney’s hunger for fame (and her mental illness) comes from. Her mother Krista seems to think that her daughter could become even bigger than Kim Kardashian, because she’s looking beyond the reality show that’s supposedly already in production featuring Courtney (who just turned 17) and her 51-year-old hubby, The Green Mile actor Doug Hutchison.

According to Krista, networks are in a frenzy over the teen girl’s life story and are clamoring for the chance to film a movie based on it. That’s right—Courtney Stodden’s life is so interesting at age 17 that she might already get her own biopic.

According to Celebitchy, the aspiring country star’s movie would be similar to the 70s movie Harper Valley P.T.A., which Krista describes like this: “…a story about a town that’s so small they couldn’t handle the sexuality and beauty of one of the residence (sic). Similarly, the town Courtney grew up in tried to keep her down, but she didn’t let that happen because she is so strong and just kept her head up.”

So it would be a movie about how a 16-year-old showed everyone in her town that being extremely sexual is a good thing, because it can help you land a husband old enough to be your grandfather. Those evil townspeople surely feel bad about questioning Courtney’s behavior now.

It would be hard to blame the residents of Courtney Stodden’s small town for being somewhat uncomfortable around her if she talked to them the way she tweets. It almost seems like her mother made her watch soft corn porn instead of cartoons as a child and taught her to read with trashy romance novels. Here’s an example of something she tweeted in honor of turning 17: “Celebrating the last night of being sweet-n-sexy 16 by wearing NOTHING but my tasty bday-suit! Mmm; Yummy! ;-).” She also lets her fans know what she’s been doing since becoming a married woman with tweets like this: “While I lie beneath this sizzling-sun, the popsicle that I am sweetly sucking on begins to melt & drips irresistibly all over my moist body!”

And in a bizarre twist, she throws in plenty of Bible verses and references to God and Jesus, sometimes interspersed with her silly sexy speak.

Hopefully her mother is just as delusional as her daughter, because it’s hard to imagine any network touching this girl with a ten-foot-pole. And if they did, Courtney Stodden would promptly install it in her room and start practicing her best stripper moves to show off on her new reality show.

Here’s a girl on The Soup reading more of her tweets.

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