Courtney Stodden Tries to Prolong her 15 Minutes by Launching a Website

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A little disclaimer: guys will probably like this article, girls not so much. Remember Courtney Stodden, the supposedly religious teen girl that dresses in hardly anything and married a 51-year-old actor when she was only 16? Well, she has performed the latest act in hopes of reviving her 15 minutes of fame. As if wearing hardly anything and posing provocatively in front of kids at a pumpkin patch or wearing a red bikini on santa’s lap while it is snowing outside isn’t enough – she’s here to give us even more.

Courtney’s latest act involves launching her own website which includes, well, everything about Courtney Stodden. Up-to-the-minute news, never before seen photos and videos as well as blogs by none other than Stodden herself. And if you are willing to pay $40 for a VIP membership, you’ll get a signed photo of Courtney in a bikini, early access to her single “Reality” and even be entered for a chance to win passes to her 18th birthday party.

Why is this girl famous again? Oh that’s right, America loves a trainwreck. Well, America, you got what you asked for. Not only do you get to hear her preach religion (wow, kudos to her for keeping her virginity until marriage – oh wait, she got married when she was 15) but you also get to pay to watch her sing and wear nothing. Or you can just use Google – it’s free.

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