Courtney Stodden Trots Around Target in Tantalizing Dress

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Courtney Stodden is still a little clueless when it comes to figuring out what is appropriate attire for church, shopping, or even a trip to the pumpkin patch. The young woman is doing her very best to get noticed and has apparently figured out flaunting her ample assets is about the best route to go. Her marriage to a guy three times her age didn’t quite drum up enough publicity, so she is taking matters into her own hands.

Her most-recent cry for attention happened at the West Hollywood Target store. The folks doing their household shopping were exposed to Courtney’s antics as she tottered up and down the aisles in her see-through stripper heels. Of course, what good are stripper shoes if the clothing doesn’t match? The teen bride wore an itty-bitty, skintight dress that barely covered her assets as she tried her best to look like a serious shopper.

She was certainly ready for any photo op with full makeup and teased hair. Just to draw a little more attention to herself, she added a giant flower to her hair for her kitchen supplies shopping trip. Yes, Courtney got all dolled up for the purchase of a rolling-pin and spatulas. It won’t be long now before some new shots of a scantily clad Courtney Stodden baking cookies hit the internet. Or maybe those will be saved for the folks with a paid subscription to her VIP club.

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