Courtney Stodden’s Husband Dropped Out of Movie about a Man in a Relationship with a Teen

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Courtney Stodden’s husband, Doug Hutchison, dropped out of a movie because he was uncomfortable with his character’s relationship with a teen girl.

Doug decided that he didn’t like the “sexual content” in the movie, The Genesis of Lincoln, which is about a director that has a scandalous relationship with a teen pop star. Of course, Doug would have played the director, who casts the pop star in a movie about the assassination of Abraham Lincoln.

This plot point might have something to do with why Doug Hutchison dropped out of The Genesis of Lincoln—it sounds like the director character might cast a Lolita-esque pop star in his movie because of her looks and not her talent (he casts her as Lincoln’s mother). Apparently Doug was worried about the parallels between the relationship in the movie and his relationship with Courtney Stodden—he didn’t want people confusing the character’s creepy relationship with a teen with his real-life creepy relationship with a teen, after all.

According to the director of The Genesis of Lincoln, Richard O’Sullivan, the character Doug would have played wouldn’t have been as “sympathetic” and “likeable” as him. And since Doug isn’t very likeable or sympathetic as it is, he definitely doesn’t need to be playing a character that’s supposedly in an even more disgusting and disturbing relationship than he is.

Or maybe Doug is really dropping out because his aspiring starlet wife didn’t land the role of the teen pop star in the movie; Courtney probably wanted the part and now doesn’t want her hubby around the jailbait that got it.

It is just a little bit hilarious that Doug is citing sexual content as his reason for dropping out of the movie. This is the 51-year-old guy who had no problem marrying a 16-year-old girl who dresses like a porn star who tweets things like, “Provocatively preparing my provokingly perky package for a pulsating night filled with puurfect party passion – meow ;).” Courtney Stodden also tweets Bible verses and references God occasionally, but here’s what she had to say about Christmas: “Mr Santa Claus? If I let you seductively slide down my stocking & taste every piece of my candy… will I still be on your naughty list?”

It’s pretty disturbing stuff that’s loaded with sexual content, so shouldn’t Doug drop Courtney just like he dropped his movie role?

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