Courtney Stodden’s Red Hot Bikini: Christmas Spirit or Puking in Your Mouth Spirit?

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Memories of Christmas and Courtney Stodden aren’t typically seen together. Right? But when the teen bride arrived for the “Funny or Die” skit, Courtney Stodden arrived sporting a red-hot bikini with gold high heels under a long leopard-print coat. Feeling the Christmas spirit now?

Only the 17-year-old Stodden could walk confidently on an unusually cold Los Angeles day… barely dressed. Strutting her sexy body, Stodden strolled down the LA streets with Jason Alexander, who is a well-known comedian. Don’t you know that Alexander was proud to be alive and well on Thursday? He must have had a grin from ear to ear.

As Courtney strutted her confident self down the street, the teen bride took the liberty to flash the camera. Woah! Suddenly the cameraman got an eyeful at Courtney Stodden’s red-hot Christmas bikini.

Shortly thereafter, Stodden and Alexander were joined by Doug Hutchison, who is the teen bride’s 51-year-old husband. Hutchison was quite proud of himself as he also strutted down the street with his 17-year-old bride, Courtney. Good grief! Do you want to throw up in your mouth now?

Is flashing her red bikini in icy weather unusual behavior for Courtney Stodden? Nope! On Thursday, Stodden tweeted, “Squeezing my snowballs inside of a seasonal sexy little lingerie as I begin to swing around the Christmas tree to hot rock ‘n roll hits! Xos.”

Can you say, “Jezebel?” Stodden is purposely tempting men with her body when she is still underage for sex? Gross! What man (in his right mind) would be tempted by this minor?

What was Hutchison thinking when he married this seductive temptress? Stodden is obviously using Hutchison’s fame and fortune to accelerate her modeling career. If people would stop paying attention to hogs like Stodden and Kim Kardashian, the world would be a better place. Well, almost!

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