Courtney Stodden’s Sultry Response to ‘Gossip Girl’ Diss

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Who say’s Courtney Stodden isn’t famous? The 18-year-old teen bride may not be an A-list celebrity (yet), she certainly knows how to get people talking! Whether it be for her sexy escapades like sitting on Santa’s (aka her husband’s) lap or dressing up like an erotic Easter Bunny, people are intrigued by her. Of course, that intrigue isn’t always positive and she recently found herself to be the butt of a joke on the hit show Gossip Girl.

On the most recent episode of the CW show, Blair and Dan engage in some sexual activity in an elevator, but unfortunately, the scene isn’t too sexy and they are aware of that.

Blair tells Dan, “That was terrible…like the least sexy thing since Courtney Stodden.”

The diss didn’t stop there with Dan replying, “I don’t know who that is, but it’s much worse.”

Ouch! So, not only did Gossip Girl imply that Stodden was unsexy, but also that she is virtually unknown! Of course, Stodden didn’t let that bring her down. Since her time in the spotlight, she has faced a lot of criticism for different things and usually handles harsh remarks with poise and maturity, for only being 18-years-old.

Stodden took to Twitter to respond to the remarks, saying, “Oh Blair… If Dan was with me, I would have shown him a waaay better time! xxx #gossipgirl @gossipgirl.”

That is definitely an interesting reply. It’s slightly catty, but nevertheless sultry and sexy, the very things that the show accuses her of not being.

Ever since she married 51-year-old actor Doug Hutchinson, Stodden has done a good job at confusing the heck out of people. It is unclear what exactly she wants to do, but she does focus a lot of her time on singing and doing work with PETA. She is also the unofficial “Queen of Alliteration” on Twitter, where most of her tweets (including her Gossip Girl response) are always interesting.

Do you think Courtney Stodden is sexy or did Gossip Girl get it right by calling her unsexy?

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