‘Covert Affairs': 03×04: ‘Speed of Life’ Episode Recap

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On tonight’s episode of Covert Affairs, Annie (Piper Perabo) is caught by surprise when Simon Fisher (Richard Coyle) shows up in Washington D.C. Lena (Sarah Clarke) asks Annie to find out what was stolen from an industrial technology lab in Virginia. Annie discovers that Simon has connections with the thief.

Annie tells FBI Agent Rasabi (Noam Jenins) about the theft and they agree to share information. When Lena finds out about this, she’s angry because she thinks that sharing intel with FBI is a bad idea.

Meanwhile, Parker (Devin Kelley) asks Auggie (Christopher Gorham) questions that he can’t answer about his work at the CIA.

Annie is happy when she gets to see Auggie again. Auggie invites her for drinks the next day because he wants her to meet Parker. But Annie says she can’t come because she wants to spend time with Danielle (Anne Dudek) before she leaves for California. Auggie worries that Annie is upset because her sister is leaving.

Covert Affairs fans didn’t really get enough Annie and Auggie moments in this episode, but they did get to see Auggie without his shirt on, which almost made up for it.

Joan (Kari Machett) takes a polygraph as part of the investigation of Jai (Sendhil Ramamurthy)’s death. Arthur (Peter Gallagher) pressures Auggie to find more intel on what Jai was working on before he died.

Simon shows up at The Smithsonian and wants to stay at Annie’s apartment. Luckily she has just enough time to contact Lena so the agency has enough time to fabricate one for her to keep her cover intact.

If Simon knows the apartment is a fake, he doesn’t let on because the only thing he comments on is Annie’s taste in shoes. While Annie is with Simon, Danielle calls and is angry with her sister because she left in the middle of their night of sisterly bonding. Annie promises to be back before her sister leaves the next day.

Simon gets suspicious of Annie when he finds her going through his stuff in the middle of the night. But she uses her feminine wiles to distract him. Annie fabricates a fight with Simon to keep him from going to the meeting to exchange the stolen merchandise but he goes anyway.

And speaking of fights, Parker and Auggie have a pretty emotional one when she decides she doesn’t want to marry him after all. She returns the engagement ring and a heartbroken Auggie calls Annie to meet for drinks.

But once again Annie can’t go because she has to go to the meeting and intercept the stolen technology. She asks Rasabi to let Simon go because he’s a CIA asset. Rasabi refuses, the meeting goes wrong and he’s angry with Annie.

A drunken Auggie gets into a fight at the bar and gets arrested. Annie could’ve prevented the fight if she’d have been there, but after the mission she winds up leaving an apologetic message on his voicemail.

After the failed meet, Lena suspects that Annie’s cover is blown. She tells Annie that she’s reassigning her back to the Domestic Protection Division (DPD). Annie is disappointed but fans aren’t because it means that Annie and Auggie will get to work together again.

Simon follows Annie and finds her on the street. It doesn’t seem like he knows she’s CIA, but maybe he’s just that good at his job? Annie gets home just in time to eat ice cream and say goodbye to Danielle. They must work out like mad because they’re always eating ice cream!

This episode of the show wasn’t as good as the previous ones, because Annie didn’t really do anything exciting other than hang out with Simon. But when the show returns in two weeks, it will be awesome because Annie teams up with Eyal Levin (Oded Feher) once again for a dangerous mission to Israel. Tune in to USA Network Tuesday August 14th at 10 p.m./9c to see their reunion.

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