‘Covert Affairs': 03×08: ‘Glass Spider’ Episode Recap

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On tonight’s all new episode of Covert Affairs Annie (Piper Perabo) tries to bring Simon (Richard Coyle) into the CIA. Based on his interview with Henry, Auggie (Christopher Gorham) learns the location of Jai (Sendhil Ramamurthy)’s safe house where he kept all the files about the operations that he was running before his death.

Auggie and Annie go to the safe house and they call Arthur (Peter Gallagher) who’s not pleased with Auggie when he finds out that he disobeyed his orders and spoke to Henry.

While looking through the files Annie finds surveillance photos of Simon and realizes that Jai was investigating Simon. Arthur thinks that Simon was involved in Jai’s death. At this point Annie realizes that she has to tell everyone in the Domestic Protection Division (DPD) that she has been working with Lena (Sarah Clarke) and gathering Intel on Simon and that he has fallen in love with her.

No one in the DPD is pleased to hear this but Arthur agrees to let Annie try to bring Simon in and she calls him and arranges a meeting at a local mall. Lena and Joan (Kari Machett) argue about the way that Lena handled Annie’s mission. Joan also suspects that Jai might have been working with Simon. But Arthur disagrees with her and so do many Covert Affairs fans.

Arthur visits Henry in prison and accuses him of holding back more information about Jai’s death. Annie is nervous about the meeting with Simon, and Auggie tries to put her at ease. They plan to meet for drinks at Allen’s Tavern after the meeting. This was the just one of the many great moments between these two characters in this episode!

When Annie and Simon see each other in the mall, Simon reveals that he knew all along that Annie works for the CIA. Annie asks Simon to come into Langley with her but he refuses. She also asks Simon if he killed Jai. He denies it but she suspects that he knows who did. And she’s right!

When gunfire erupts in the mall, Annie helps Simon get away and kills the bug that Auggie put on her so that the DPD can’t hear their conversation. Annie tries to convince Simon to go back to the agency with her but he says goodbye to her and leaves.

Later Annie looks at surveillance footage from the mall and recognizes the gunman as someone who was at the diner when Jai was killed. It turns out that the gunman named Leo Porter was hired by Russian FSB agents to kill Simon. But the surprises don’t end there; Porter also knew Henry, and he was hired by FSB to kill Jai!

So fans can finally stop trying to guess who killed Jai. Even though Auggie warns her not to Annie goes after Leo Porter on her own. When Porter realizes that he’s outnumbered and literally outgunned, he commits suicide, instead of surrendering.

Auggie confronts Annie about destroying the bug. Auggie knows that Annie let Simon get away on purpose because she loves him. But when he asks her whether or not she loves Simon, Annie hesitates. The whole conversation is really heartbreaking because Auggie clearly has feelings for Annie.

And fans have been rooting for these two to get together for three seasons now! This exchange is just further proof of the amazing chemistry between Christopher Gorham and Piper Perabo.

Annie apologizes to Joan for not telling her about her involvement with Simon. She also says that she wants to stay at the DPD. Joan praises Annie for her work and so does Lena.

And speaking of Lena, she has a secret meeting with Arthur to discuss Annie. It’s unclear what she wants to talk to him about, but just as Annie arrives home, she gets a phone call from Auggie. He urges her to come back to Langley. All season long, Lena has seemed suspicious and now her true colors are showing.

It’s possible that Lena convinced Arthur that Annie is a mole for another agency because Auggie tells Annie that there’s a team looking through her desk.

But Annie never makes it back to the office because she finds Simon waiting for her at home. Simon asks Annie to go away with him. She seriously considers his offer. She even packs and calls her sister Danielle (Anne Dudek) to say goodbye.

Thankfully Annie reconsiders but while she’s talking to Simon, Lena comes into the apartment with a gun and shoots both of them.

This episode was definitely one of the most exciting ones this season! In addition to all the great plot points and surprises the episode also featured a beautiful cover of Damien Rice’s “The Blower’s Daughter.”

Watch next Tuesday’s episode at 10pm/9c on USA Network to find out whether Annie survives her gunshot wound.

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