‘Covert Affairs: 03×09′: ‘Suffragette City’ Episode Recap

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Tonight’s episode of Covert Affairs picks up right where last week left off. Annie (Piper Perabo) and Simon (Richard Coyle) were both shot by Lena (Sarah Clarke). Lena tries to convince the CIA that Annie is a double agent working with FSB. After the shooting, Lena tries to make it seem like Simon shot Annie. She sneaks out of the apartment just as a delivery man shows up with a gift for Annie from Danielle (Anne Dudek) and finds them.

Annie spends nearly this entire episode unconscious, but she gets information in from various people in her dreams and it’s the best part of the episode because the dreams force Annie and fans to make connections to details from previous episodes.

Simon tells Annie that she’s in danger from someone with the codename Blackbird and he tells her that she has to find the person with the codename Blackbird and kill them.

They meet in the same diner where Annie met Jai (Sendhil Ramamurthy) before he was killed. During their conversation, Annie makes the same comment that she made before Jai was killed. And that was just the beginning of the parallels between this episode and others.

It’s pretty obvious that Lena is Blackbird, but that doesn’t come to light until later in the episode. Lena uses the phony passport and the sweep drive that she gave to Annie to try and convince the Domestic Protection Division (DPD) that Annie is a traitor. And she almost succeeds.

During Lena’s polygraph she implies that Annie was involved in Jai’s death. Even though he’s not supposed to be listening to the polygraph, Auggie calls in a favor, and sneaks in. When he hears Lena accusing Annie he bursts in and confronts her.

Speaking of polygraphs, Annie has one in her dream and her sister is asking the questions. And Auggie gives Annie a ride in the ’67 Corvette to a hotel to help her track down Blackbird. (And he drives!)

Covert Affairs fans should recognize the car as the same one that he gave Annie in last season’s finale.

Arthur (Peter Gallagher) heads up a committee that will decide whether or not Annie should be decommissioned. Joan (Kari Machett) doesn’t believe that Annie is a traitor, but Arthur does. And when Joan finds out that her husband doesn’t stand up for Annie, she’s justifiably angry.

Auggie (Christopher Gorham) waits at the hospital for Annie to regain consciousness. It is also revealed that Auggie is Annie’s emergency contact person. Auggie demands that he be the one to notify Danielle about the shooting.

He asks Joan to give him access to the evidence against Annie. When that fails, he charms a nurse at the hospital into telling him about Annie’s personal belongings that she had on her when she was shot.

He thinks it’s strange that Annie had a passport on her when she was shot. When he runs it, he finds out it’s a fake. He goes to the apartment of the guy that made it. But Lena got there first, and the man is already dead. Lena knows Auggie is in the man’s apartment, but she’s able to get away before he contacts Joan for help. By the time she arrives, the body is missing.

Auggie recognizes the scent of lavender in the apartment, and hears the sound of the car as it was leaving. He takes this information to Joan but she’s still not convinced that Lena is the culprit.

Auggie asks Joan to take him back to the hospital so he can be with Annie. He talks to her and tells her he misses her and that he knows she’s innocent. This was a great scene but not as good as the one in the dream sequence in the hotel, where Annie and Auggie kiss.

These two characters have great chemistry and fans want to see them together! And let it be said that Christopher Gorham looks quite handsome in a suit and Piper Perabo’s red dress was beautiful.

While Auggie is at the hospital, Lena shows up with coffee and conversation. He doesn’t buy what she’s trying to sell him, and what’s more he recognizes the scent of Lena’s perfume.

The committee decides to decommission Annie. Auggie and Joan work together to try and prove that Lena is behind the elaborate scheme, and that she, not Annie is the double agent. Joan gives Auggie access to the evidence on her computer.

After listening to the police recordings, Auggie finds out that Lena’s car was nearby when Annie was shot. He and Joan question the delivery man who confirms this information.

They bring this information to Arthur but before they can move on it, they get a phone call that Annie has woken up for just a few minutes. Auggie and Joan get back to the hospital just in time to see Lena trying to suffocate Annie. Joan pulls her away, but she steals a discarded lab coat from the hospital and escapes.

Lena also attacks Annie in her dream, and in the end of the episode she regains consciousness for a minute, before her heart stops beating again.

There are just two more episodes left this season, so tune in Tuesdays at 10 p.m./9c to find out if Lena gets caught!

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