‘Covert Affairs’ 03×16: ‘Lady Stardust’ Episode Recap

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On tonight’s season finale of Covert Affairs, Annie (Piper Perabo) must trade information in exchange for Eyal (Oded Fehr)’s life. Khalid wants Annie to give him the names of all CIA assets who are working in his father’s company. The names are stored in the computer system of the Consulate General in Amsterdam. Khalid promises to set Eyal free if Annie hacks into the consulate and gives him the names.

Annie’s not sure what to do at first, so she calls Auggie (Christopher Gorham) in Iraq and leaves him a voicemail. Auggie gets the message and because he’s a stand-up guy, he hops on the first plane to Amsterdam. And the fact that he loves her probably had a lot to do with it too. He spends the entire episode trying to tell her how he feels about her. He keeps dropping these not so subtle hints but Annie doesn’t realize what he’s telling her until the end of the episode.

And it’s an ending that most fans are pleased with. This season was the best of the show so far. But unfortunately viewers will have to wait until next summer for the series to return to USA Network.

Annie is surprised when he shows up, and when she asks him why he’s back he tells her it’s because of the message she left him. Auggie tells Annie to let Mossad handle Eyal’s rescue, and when she refuses he asks her yet again if she has feelings for Eyal. She says she doesn’t have feelings for him.

Even though Auggie’s blind, Annie’s the one who can’t seem to see how Auggie feels about her. Eventually Auggie agrees to help Annie rescue Eyal, but they do it without revealing the names of the three CIA assets.

Meanwhile Arthur (Peter Gallagher) is the first person Henry sees when he’s released from prison. Arthur figures out that Henry knew more about the drone strike than he let on. He also speeds up the process of a declassification ceremony for Jai (Sendhil Ramamurthy). Declassification means that Jai’s name can be revealed and that his memory can be honored.

Arthur thinks that Henry has an ulterior motive for doing this. And he’s probably right. But Joan (Kari Machett) convinces him to go ahead with the ceremony.

Back in Amsterdam, Auggie comes up with a dangerous but pretty smart plan to make Khalid think that Annie’s giving him the information, but she’s actually giving him an empty folder. And she waits until Eyal has been set free to do it. Eyal pretends to get shot, and for a minute you think he actually has been, and it takes your breath away for a second.

It’s always fun to see Auggie trying to play the role of an average blind civilian because you know he’s far from that. It was also interesting to hear Auggie and Eyal talk about Annie because it’s clear that both of them have feelings for her.

And just as Auggie’s about to reveal his Annie gets a phone call from Arthur and Joan. They tell her that Khalid made a deal with the Dutch authorities and is being sent back to Saudi Arabia.

Annie’s obviously upset about this and decides to go after Khalid on her own. Neither Auggie, nor Eyal want Annie to do so and they try unsuccessfully to talk her out of it. Thanks in large part to her past experience with Lena (Sarah Clarke), Annie feels like the CIA wants her to kill Khalid.

But in the end, she doesn’t do that. Auggie and Eyal are relieved and so are fans. It was hard enough to watch Annie kill Lena.

Instead of killing Khalid, she tells him that his father ordered the hit on Megan (Michelle Nolden). Annie hopes that this knowledge will turn Khalid against his father. The confrontation with Khalid was interesting because there were several mirrors in the room, which provided an interesting visual effect.

Auggie asks Annie out on a date on their flight home. She agrees and they attend the ceremony for Jai when they get home. Eyal plans to go to Greece and he asks Annie to go with him.

She lets him down easily, having learned her lesson the last time when Simon (Richard Coyle) tried to whisk her away. But the chemistry between these two characters is hard to ignore. If Auggie weren’t in the picture, Eyal would be perfect for Annie. But it seems likely that viewers will see him again in the future.

After the ceremony Annie finds a note on her desk from Henry. They meet at the same diner where Jai was killed. Annie tells him that she won’t conspire with him against Joan and Arthur. He asks her about Khalid and shows her something in a file. It’s unclear what was inside but the answer will probably come next season on Covert Affairs.

The best part of this episode was the last scene, Auggie shows up at Annie’s house. He starts to talk to her but then decides it would be better to show her. And it was! Fans have been looking forward to that kiss all season. Hopefully the relationship will last.

This episode also featured trailers for some highly anticipated upcoming films including The Hobbit: The Unexpected Journey (December 14) and Les Miserables (December 25).

Did you enjoy tonight’s finale? Are you rooting for Annie and Auggie? What do you think happen next season? If you can’t wait until then, the first two seasons are available on DVD and would make a great holiday gift.

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