‘Covert Affairs’ Season 3 Episode 11 Sneak Peeks: Annie Locked Up, Auggie Trying to Help

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Covert Affairs season 3 returns from its brief hiatus on October 16 with episode 11, “Rock ‘N’ Roll Suicide,” which will show what happens next for Annie, who’s on the run and in trouble.

Season 3 Episode 11 “Rock ‘N’ Roll Suicide” Clips

Auggie, Joan and Arthur work with an old friend to bring Annie home from a Russian prison.”

"Rock 'N' Roll Suicide" Photo Credit: Steve Wilkie/USA NetworkIn the first sneak peek (below), Annie faces an interrogation about who she is, and though she doesn’t break, the man knows who she is—and he’s not swayed by anything she has to say. So why did he bother asking her the questions? He wants to know what it looks like when she’s lying. Uh-oh, that doesn’t sound good, but so far, it looks like Annie can hold her own. Will that continue to be true?

The second “Rock ‘N’ Roll Suicide” clip (below) does see Annie seemingly losing that resolve, but that’s when things begin going her way. As she hears a commotion outside her cell, someone throws a gas mask in and leads her out. She stops to pick something up along the way as her rescue takes care of one last guard before they keep moving. So who is her rescuer? Photos and a previous preview out show Eyal with her, but this is only the beginning. It’s not like things are suddenly going to get easy after that.

The third Covert Affairs season 3 episode 11 clip (below) shows Joan refusing to believe that Annie won’t hold up under interrogation. However, Arthur just tells her they’re doing what they would do with any other captured operative: conducting a Risks and Vulnerabilities inventory. That’s when Joan opens up the file in front of her and begins listing the ops Annie has knowledge of. While you have to love Joan coming to Annie’s defense like this, it’s because she’s doing that that others—like Arthur—have to prepare for other possibilities.

In the fourth clip (below), Auggie confronts Arthur about doing something about Annie since it’s been two weeks. Unsurprisingly, he’s been researching where she’s likely being held and has found some vulnerabilities—even though this is a prison no one has ever escaped from. However, it’s not just getting out that’s the problem. It’s still a suicide mission, and Arthur has had a team putting together plans since Annie was taken. None have been feasible. It’s no surprise that there’s a scene like this coming up in this episode, and if anyone could find a way out of a prison no one has ever escaped from, it is Auggie. It should be fun to see how it all comes together as they try to bring Annie home.

What do you think of the Covert Affairs season 3 episode 11 sneak peeks from “Rock ‘N’ Roll Suicide”?

Photo Credit: Steve Wilkie/USA Network

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