‘Covert Affairs’ Spoilers: Christopher Gorham Teases Auggie-Annie

Covert Affairs left fans with a major cliffhanger for Annie and Auggie at the end of the second season. Annie, played by Piper Perabo, finally realized her true feelings for her friend, but he was rushing off after another woman. The two will get closer in the third season of the series, and Christopher Gorham teased some of what is ahead for the pair recently.

Will fans see some sparks ignite between the two friends? It is likely. Spoiler TV shared the following inside scoop recently after speaking with the actor:

Gorham shares he just returned from Puerto Rico shooting episode 3. He winks at a beach scene that occurs between Auggie and Annie, as well as an upcoming mission that they partake on (filmed in Barcelona). Fans should not only look forward to a mission but a mission where their cover is of a married couple.

Fans will also learn more about Auggie’s past as well. Auggie and Annie will make for an interesting and cute couple, but fans can hope that the series doesn’t push them together too soon. They both have issues to deal with.

What do you think? Are you ready to see Annie and Auggie hook up on Covert Affairs?

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