CPAC and Dick Cheney’s Surprise Visit

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CPAC got a surprise visit from Dick Cheney. Conservatives gave Dick a very warm welcome for the most part when he took the stage on Thursday. Cheney was greeted File:Dick Cheney.jpgwith thunderous applause and chanting. It was as if the Beatles had arrived, if by the Beatles you mean a man whose heart no longer pumps on its own.

Anyhow, once the cheers died down, the jeers began and you could easily hear CPAC audience members shouting less than affectionate things such as “war criminal” at Dick. The ol’ guy didn’t let that take the wind from his sails though as he continued on with his preplanned speech before introducing Donald Rumsfeld.

During his CPAC his speech, Cheney said, “The sky is the limit here. I think 2010 will be a phenomenal year. And I think Barack Obama is a one-term president. It’s a remarkable time to be an American and a remarkable time to be a conservative. Good luck.”

Good luck indeed! The 2012 presidential race is stacking up to potentially be as good as itÂ’s gotten in a long time. Potential presidential candidates range from Donald Trump to, of course, Sarah Palin. What do you think of the CPAC audienceÂ’s reaction to Dick Cheney? Sound off below!

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