CPS Visits Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon

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Mariah Carey just gave birth to twins, and her husband, Nick Cannon is a doting happy father already. However, what was supposed to be a happy and joyful time in these celebs’ lives turned into a sort of embarrassment. The new parents got a visit from Child Protective Services, based on some pretty stiff accusations.

Sources reveal that someone called Child Protective Services, or CPS, and reported that drugs and alcohol were being used by Mariah Carey and her much-younger husband on the premises very soon after she gave birth to their twins. This allegation of course came as a shock to the agency, so they immediately visited Carey and Cannon at the hospital. Of course the new parents claim there were absolutely no drugs or alcohol being used, and Nick even added a little back-story to the whole situation.

He says that someone allegedly gave the advice of drinking dark beer to encourage breastmilk to Mariah Carey. His theory is that someone overheard this conversation and took it too seriously. Hey, whatever man, all that’s for certain is that the CPS where they’re at sure does work quickly. And whether or not this is over some kind of misunderstanding, the person who called CPS on Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon does deserve props and an applause. You never know when something is serious or not, so the best thing to do is follow your gut and make the necessary call. Naturally, anyone who thinks a breastfeeding mother is consuming controlled substances should call Child Protective Services.

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