CPSP About To Announce Huge Crib Recall

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According to CBS, a baby’s crib safety recall, possibly the biggest in American history, is imminent.  There’s no word yet on any particular brands or models affected by the recall, but rumor has it the crib recall will involve cribs with drop-down sides.

Cribs with sides that slide downward have been a favorite target of child safety expects recently, and it’s no mystery why.  In July 2009, Simplicity Drop Side Cribs were recalled by the Consumer Product Safety Commission due to the risk of suffocation.  Just one month earlier in June, LaJobi recalled two crib models for the same reason.  And in October 2008, Delta Enterprise recalled nearly a million cribs due to faulty safety pegs making the drop down sides a strangulation hazard.

It’s always recalls of products that involve child safety – cribs, strollers, minivans – that get the most press, and that’s understandable.  I’ll have an update later when I learn the brand and product(s) affected by the crib recall.

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