‘Craft Wars': ‘A Christmas Craft-tastrophe’ Recap

Tonight on Craft Wars, three passionate crafters competed for a $10,000 prize. There was a stamp creator and crafter from the Dallas area, a graphic artist from California, and a professional crafter from Tennessee. These three talented people brought an assistant with them, and along with the challenge items, were allowed to use wood and an array of arts/craft supplies from Michael’s to complete their projects.

Pop-Craft Round

In the pop-craft round, the three contestants were given an hour to make Christmas wreaths from assorted winter wear. Each approached the project differently. The graphic artist was too ambitious and had to change direction midstream. Ultimately, he used buttons, bells and the fur from a Santa hat for edging on his wreath. The Tennessee crafter created pretty rosettes and along with pom-pons, glued them on a foam board that had been covered with material from a winter sweater. She also added lots of bling and a ribbon made from a winter scarf that was most attractive. The Dallas crafter appeared to be ahead of everyone and impressed the host, Tori Spelling, early on. She made roses from a sweater, and used newspaper, felt and tulle to give her wreath a three-dimensional look.

At the judge’s table, the Tennessee crafter was criticized for her many glue dots, the Dallas crafter for a lack of color, and the graphic artist for having a too simple and undone project. After conversing, the judges chose to send the graphic artist home.

The Master Round

With only two competitors remaining, the challenge was to make a Christmas tree using supplies from the post office. To help complete the project, each contestant was given a carpenter and extra assistants.

The Texas crafter chose to first build her tree using wood. She then painted the tree green with chalkboard paint with the idea of children and parents being able to write on the tree using chalk. Christmas cards were later sewn together to make a tree skirt, and light bulbs painted with glue and then dipped in glitter for further decorating. Lastly, she made a tree topper also using light bulbs.

The Tennessee crafter began by going outdoors to make her tree out of styrofoam. For decorations, she created tissue paper flowers for each point on the tree. She also painted styrofoam balls in one color and then added polka dots in another color for contrast. These would be used as tree ornaments. In the midst of her work, the assistants came in to tell the crafter the spray paint was eating away at the styrofoam tree. Thus, she changed gears and chose to use another type of paint that required she use a paint brush. Although this worked, the tree took much longer to dry. When finally dry, they used wire to put the tree together.

At judging, the judges noted how similar the two trees were. The Texas crafter was then given many kudos for her tree, especially for her topper and tree skirt. Nonetheless, the judges preferred the skirt to have been painted one color, or felt added for texture. The Tennessee crafter was criticized for her choice of assorted colors which the judges thought more represented Easter than Christmas. She was also criticized for her unclean tree edges, but was praised for her pretty paper flowers.

After a really tough competition, the crafter from Dallas, Texas was crowned the winner of Craft Wars and walked away with the $10,000 prize.

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