‘Craft Wars': “Altar or Falter” Recap

In this really intense episode of Craft Wars, three crafters meet for a chance to win a $10,000 prize. The three contestants were very different in taste and styles. One competitor was from Ohio and specialized in knitting and other needlework. Another competitor from California came to the show with hopes of becoming a professional crafter. Lastly, there was a self-proclaimed Diva from California who was a lover of both glue guns and dollar stores.

The Pop-Craft Round

The first round, known as the Pop-Craft round, challenged the three competitors to create a keepsake box using locks and keys. To help in the contest, each competitor brought an assistant. The contestant from Ohio chose to create a sand castle keepsake box. Early on she used stenciling and painting to create a design on the box but it did not take well. To fix it, she chose to cover the box with a sand colored felt, but the paint showed through the felt which looked even more messy. When facing the judges, she was complimented for creating a castle tower using locks but criticized for the lack of color. The first competitor from California opted to build a house that could be opened from the roof. The judges were thrilled with the design, especially the opening roof. They were disappointed however that she did not do any work on the inside of the box. Lastly, the California diva presented a tooth-fairy box that contained a cute little pillow. Although the judges appreciated the crafters use of color and keys (to make a crown), they hated the plain simple wings attached to the box. Consequently, this crafter was sent home after the first round.

The Master Round

In the final or master round, competitors were given a carpenter and added assistants to help complete the project. As in round 1, they would also have access to a plethora of wood and arts/crafts supplies. The challenge was to build a wedding display using things old, new, borrowed and blue such as baby blankets, jeans, candle sticks and wedding invitations. The Ohio crafter who was a recent newlywed opted to create a photo booth. She made a backdrop using gold spray painted jean circles, and lighting using candle sticks. When she faced the judges, she was complimented for her lighting and signs created using the blank side of the invitations. She was criticized however for the cover on her photo bench, and the backdrop which was described as something from a prom. The next contestant chose to make a whimsical wish tree. She began by constructing the tree using wood. She then wrapped the tree in old jeans using hot glue. Next she created garland from wedding invitations. Lastly she made a message holder out of candle sticks. This however had to be made twice after the first one broke. When reviewing everything, she thought the tree looked too plain so she covered the jeans with tons of glitter. The judges were really impressed with the construction and flowers and leaves made from various fabrics. They also thought the glitter was a creative idea, thus the aspiring professional crafter from California walked away with the $10,000 prize.

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