‘Craft Wars': ‘Barks & Crafts’ Recap

Competitors on tonight’s Craft Wars include an animal lover and crafter from San Francisco, a castle builder, and a glitter enthusiast from New York. Each contestant hoped their crafts would be worthy of the $10,000 prize.

Pop Craft Round/Round 1

In round 1, contestants were given one hour to create a toy box or chest using a variety of toys. Contestants also had access to wood as well as plenty arts and craft supplies. Each contestant began by planning and discussing with their assistant the concept and idea for making the box. For the basics of construction, the craft builder chose to work with wood and felt, while the animal lover chose to work with board, felt and glue. The third competitor decided to create a robot but while working on it outdoors, the wind blew it over causing some problems. Creative highlights of this round included a tent top for easy access to the box, chalkboard painted tambourines on the outside for doodling, and a mouth design that “eats” toys. In the end, the castle builder was eliminated because of sloppy work, and the other two contestants on to the final round.

Final Round

The final round challenged contestants to create a home or mansion for any pet using toys and things animals enjoy. To help with this challenge, each contestant was given a carpenter and assistants. One competitor decided to build a castle fit for a Princess dog. The plan included wallpaper, art on the walls, beds and an upstairs porch with a roof. Being a glitter lover, she would also incorporate lots of glitz in the design. The other contestant was just as ambitious. Her vision was to create a two-story mansion that would house a dog downstairs, and a cat upstairs. Her house would also have an antler style leash holder, fabric covered walls and a wood stained exterior. With only thirty minutes remaining, both contestants were pressed for time. Nonetheless, there were some very creative highlights in this extremely challenging round. This included a floor mat made out of leashes, glitter paper for roof covering, and a table made from newspapers. Comments from the judges however led viewers to assume the contestant who’d build the castle would win. In the end this was true and the glitter enthusiast from New York walked away with the $10,000 prize.

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