‘Craft Wars': ‘Bedknobs and Gluesticks’ Recap

On tonight’s Craft Wars, three artisans faced off for a $10,000 prize and validation as a professional crafter. Competing tonight was a professional upholsterer from Wisconsin, a museum educator/sculptor from New York, and a design blogger from Utah.

Pop Craft Round

In round 1, crafters were challenged to make a lamp using a variety of eyeglasses and eye protective gear such as goggles. Additionally, contestants were allowed access to both a wood and arts/crafts supply center sponsored by Michael’s.

When building the lamp, both the New York and Utah artisans chose to use an embroidery hoop for the core of the lamp shade. Further, the New York challenger used heat to get the lenses flattened for a mosaic look. The competitor from Wisconsin used sunglass lenses to create flowers to be glued to the lamp shade. She also added a button to the center of the flower for even more creativity. Lastly, she made a lamp base out of wood and covered it with twine.The Utah crafter made sea glass out of eyeglass lenses, and hung them from a painted embroidery hoop.

Facing the judges was really interesting as all the designs were quite different. The judges praised the New York artist for his uniqueness, but criticized him for a lack of cohesiveness in his design. The judges absolutely loved the sea glass idea from the Utah designer, but thought the lamp was bare and looked undone. Finally, the Wisconsin crafter impressed the judges with her flowers, but they hated the flowers were hung with wires. It appeared as though either the New York or Utah competitor would be eliminated in this round. In the end, the judges chose to send the design blogger from Utah home.

Final Round

This final round was different compared to other Craft Wars shows. The challenge competitors were given a mattress, carpenter, and four assistants to help them. The challenge: create a complete bedroom set incorporating zippers in just five hours.

The Wisconsin artist chose to make a mosaic pillow using her zippers. This was very time-consuming as many colored zippers were glued to a black material leaving no open spaces. She would also create a wave-shaped headboard, side table, and lots of accessories. Her team made unique tiles for her table using the bottoms of shoes for a pattern. The theme being “smoke and mirrors,” she dyed material to make a grey duvet. Nonetheless, the dying created more of a purple color than grey. In the end, she chose to use a sheet that she found in lieu of the comforter. As a final touch, she made garland out of little tiny mirrors and made rosettes out of zippers for the centers of her pillows. She also took plexiglass and wrapped it in zippers to create a vase or centerpiece.

The New York artist decided to make a canopy bed, side tables, and a chair. He would also make a rug to center the room, and the rug would be made of zippers. His headboard was absolutely gorgeous. It was all white and tucked, and he drilled screws/washers throughout the material to give it more of an upholstered look. He also made a strange-looking chair out of wood. With very little time remaining, he painted his wall in stripes to match the rug but did a really sloppy job. They tried to fix it with stencils which may have been worse. With only fifteen minutes remaining, he did his best to fix it.

When facing the judges, the New York artist was scolded for his poor painting and stenciling. He, however, was given lots of kudos for the headboard and green/white striped theme. He was also praised for creating a full bedroom set. The Wisconsin crafter was given high scores for the zippered pillow and mirrored garland. The judges also loved the tiled table, but didn’t like the zippers hanging from them. Further, they did not think the bamboo in the vase fit because it was left too natural and was not “crafty.”

After dismissing the crafters, the judges looked more closely at the competitors’ work and chose to award the Wisconsin upholsterer the $10,000 prize.

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