‘Craft Wars': ‘Blinded By the Light’ Recap

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Hosted by Tori Spelling, tonight’s Craft Wars brought together three talented crafters to compete for a $10,000 prize. Three expert judges would decide on a winner after two rounds of competition.

The Competitors

Competing tonight was an art professor from New Hampshire, a sculptor from Los Angeles and a craft blogger from Indianapolis who enjoys repurposing all kinds of items.

Pop Craft Round

In the first round (known as pop craft), contestants were given the task of creating a chandelier using mini-blinds. Per the rules, the lamps would have to be usable, and contestants were given just one hour to complete this challenge. Along with blinds, contestants could use supplies provided by Michael’s on the arts and crafts wall.

The blogger separated the panels of her blinds and attached them to an embroidery hoop to make her chandelier. With minutes remaining, Tori warned her about using hot glue to secure the panels on a light. The concern was that the glue might melt when the light was turned on. Lastly, she spray painted the panels blue and silver. When facing the judges, she was told it was cute but the judges were not “wowed.” They also felt her paint job was sloppy.

The sculptor also separated the panels and used wire to make a spiral shaped lamp. With just thirty minutes remaining, he and his partner discovered the wire could not hold the weight of the panels thus his lamp kept collapsing. To help support the project, they would secure it with fishing line which worked very well. They also attached jewels to the design for a more attractive look. Although he received positive remarks for his work, there were some negative comments about the wire and fishing line showing.

The art professor opted to use metal panels. She would then mold them into a circular shape, and hang florets or curls (made out of the blinds) from the main structure. She drilled her lamp together which was a plus to the judges. They really liked her work and thought it was hard to know the lamp had been made out of blinds.

After this first round, the blogger from Indianapolis was sent home.

The Final Round

Known as the master round, the last challenge required the remaining two contestants to make a large food and wine display using all kinds of food and wine supplies. To complete the project, each contestant was given added assistants and a professional carpenter. Both contestants began by creating a drawing of their displays. They would then build their core structure.

The sculptor’s vision was to create a three-dimensional display out of lattice. Although he struggled to cut them, one of his strongest features were lamps made out of wine bottles. Additionally, he made awnings out of foam core covered by fabric and coasters out of rope. Lastly, he made a table using a wine barrel and mini-chalkboards also trimmed in rope. Although the judges really liked the lamps, awnings and the overall display, they were disappointed by the missed details such as styrofoam showing and the bottoms of the lamps covered in foil.

With a really innovative design, the art professor also struggled to complete her display. She’d hoped to create a stand that looked like grapes, but failed to really get the look. One of her features was to be a lamp made of wine corks, but having used hot glue, once the light was turned on they began to melt. She then used them for art, but not as a light. This contestant also created a table for Hors d’oeuvre out of a wine barrel, and used metal bowls and skillets as risers throughout the display. Cookie sheets were also cut into leaves to compliment the display.

In the end, the sculptor from California was crowned Master Crafter and given the $10,000 prize.

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