‘Craft Wars': ‘Trick or Trowel’ Recap

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On tonight’s Craft Wars, three crafters faced-off for a $10,000 prize. The competitors included a painter/builder from Washington, D.C., a costumer from Los Angeles and a crafter from Vegas who enjoyed turning trash into treasure.

The Pop-Craft Round

In round 1, competitors were asked to make a standard pillow using a variety of stuffed animals. Although these animals would be the main material used for the pillows, challengers could also use items from the arts and crafts wall sponsored by Michael’s.

Early on, the competitors and their assistants began ripping the animals apart. Nonetheless, the contestant from Washington, D.C. wasted lots of time trying to use a sewing machine. This effort failed because the material was too thick, thus, he later chose to hand stitch it using a crochet needle and yarn. Host Tori Spelling also warned the Vegas contestant about the use of hot glue on her pillow in lieu of fabric glue.

Each contestant created a unique pillow for this challenge. The Los Angeles crafter created a monster-like pillow that was liked by the judges. However, she was criticized for not doing more stitching and using too much glue. The D.C. competitor made a large black pillow with a grave on the front. The pillow also had an attachment on the back allowing for it to be transported like a backpack. Although innovative, the judges were not impressed. The Vegas crafter used many different furs to create a really colorful and fun pillow. She was told the pillow was cute, but was criticized also for her messy work. In the end, the judges least liked the work of the D.C. crafter and thus he was sent home.

The Final or Master Round

The two remaining contestants were told to create a really spooky display for a front yard using garden tools. To complete the project, each competitor was given a carpenter and added assistants.

To create her spooky display, the Los Angeles crafter designed a monster out of tons of trash bags. With just four hours remaining, her display was not coming together. She opted to go in with duct tape to better form his face and used lavender paint to paint scales. She would also add scary white teeth, and use pink glitter paper for a tongue. Lastly, she added a monster hand (made of garden gloves) for an interactive Halloween display. When facing the judges, she was given positive remarks overall and told it was very kid friendly. Some criticisms however were that it was too “boxy” and not very neat.

Meanwhile, the Vegas crafter would make bats out of garbage bags and a moon from a garbage can lid. She also tie-dyed a drop cloth to place on the floor to emulate the sea. Outdoors, her carpenter was building a ghost ship, the main piece of her display. In the end, she put it all together for a spooky moonlight sea scene. Being so dark, the judges however wondered if it could be seen at night.

Finally, the judges met to talk about the projects completed that day. As a group, they chose to give the Los Angeles crafter the $10,000 prize.

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