Craig’s List Diamond Killing Home Invasion in Washington

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James Sanders and his wife were killed on April 28 after placing an ad for a diamond ring on Craig’s list.  James Sanders, his wife and two sons were tied up, and the fourteen year old was pistol whipped when two people posing as would be buyers came to the home to inspect a diamond ring. 

The man who played the role of the husband pulled out a gun. Others involved started kicking the wife in the head while she’s lying on the floor. 

Three suspect were arrested as they were stopped in California for a traffic violation, and the fourth surrendered. They are Kiyoshi Higashi, 22 of Tacoma, Joshua Reese from Tacoma, Amanda Knight of Sumner. 

The father, James Sanders was shot three times after he broke out of his restraints for trying to protect his 14 year old son who was being pistol whipped.  James Sanders is dead. 

The ring was posted on Craig’s List for $1050.

The four are charged in the State of Washington with first degree murder, assault, and burglary.

This is another warning about Craig’s List and doing business with strangers. 

This is a cautionary tale.



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