Craigslist dad: What’s the flap?

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So the big buzz over the last few days is that some twit thought it would be funny to post his kids for sale on Craigslist. He said, “Selling my kids on the Craigslist black market. I have two kids, two and one year old.” The ad also mentioned that the children could be used as slaves or foot stools.

He was arrested and charged with Falsely reporting an incident in the third degree.

Okay, maybe I’m in the minority here, but while it might have been stupid, I don’t see where this guy did anything criminal. It’s not like he was really selling his kids. And what the heck is “falsely reporting an incident in the third degree” anyway? How is posting a joke ad falsely reporting an incident? Posting a fake ad, sure, but where do “reporting” and “incident” come in?

And from what I read, the guy didn’t post it because he was tired of his kids, or even because he thought they were annoying. He posted it because he thought other ads on Craig’s List were stupid and he wanted to make a point by posting something even more stupid.

So … who’s the more stupid? The person who posts something silly to point out the stupidity of other posts, or the person who took him seriously?

I mean … really! “Can be used as footstool or slave”? Honestly? Even the most dense person should have been tipped off on the “used as footstool” part. The kids are young. What 2-year-old could be made to be still enough to be a footstool?

And what about the “Craigslist black market”? Do you think such a thing really exists? How stupid would you have to be to talk openly about a black market? Doesn’t “black market” sort of imply secrecy?

There is such a thing as taking PC too far.

I think the guy should have gotten in a little trouble, since you really don’t want to encourage idiotic posts, but I honestly don’t think his children were ever in danger.

This reminds me of the woman I spoke to who got a visit from Children and Youth Services. They’d had a report that her children might be in danger. Now this was a bit of a surprise to her, since she HAD no human children. The worker wanted to see Billy, Sammy and Peter. She laughed, and the worker was not amused. She insisted on seeing the children.

She showed the worker “her children” and the woman left in a huff. Later, she figured out that a conversation in the checkout line had been misunderstood. She’d been talking on the phone and mentioned that as soon as she was done shopping, she was going to let Billy, Sammy and Peter out of their cage, where she’d put them as punishment for making a mess.

She was talking about her pet ferrets, Billy, Sammy and Peter.

Source: The Mommy Files

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