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“…not some hallucinated witness in a broken endocrine manger

but Solea” Will Alexanderr


Will, can we ever; and will we re-electrocute the fantasies born of fertile matter, relinquishing pride of candor and etymology.

Without borrowing error pointed sharp and cutting edge phenom

Packing all ways together the sullen phrases of alien babies, crying secretly in caves of contention.(cold and sleepy)


Not shearing sideways all accredited sightings of word weary warriors waiting to critique the French-like wanderings of CannesEiffel’s along the Eleyses with pre war berets et noir.

Jumping to the solution Jaque stormed the bastille and ate cake

Downing it with a Chateau de Solea, breathing a sigh of silk.


Poverty was creeping through the cobblestones asking for penitence as the friar cloaked shadow digested prescriptions.

Wondering about the ending does nothing to expel the dirt mongers and sly poly-moroniphoric nuances.

With washing mightily in porcelain neutrinos Jackie, Jaque’s other, unveiled the ghostly sorrows of holy solar calendar current events and bitters. It was a swell party, dazzling carbon footprints and uneasy deliveries.


It was an unwelcome proliferation even upending C street R’s that finally upholding Maddow and her righteousness rugs as she becomes a watch dog for dirty collar criminals, known as politicians. The rise of Domestic terrorism(R- chicken-wings) is becoming like a satanic plague .Moralistic (family value) morons

Condoning murder of doctors are calling the kettle black. Count the dead from Viet Nam, Cambodiaand Iraqsome may call this legalized murder. Violence breeds violence! Denounce and Desist! or rub a beetles back. 

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