Crazy Ants Traveling at Sonic Speeds Attack U.S. (Video)

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Crazy ants are invading the southeastern U.S. and moving at super sonic speeds. The “crazy ant” got its name because it moves in a seemingly random “crazy” pattern at a turbo speed that makes industrial picnic ants look lazy by comparison. They’re also covered in a fuzz that encourages the nickname, “hairy ants.”

Face to face. (Carpenter ant)

Where Are the Crazy Ants Located?

So far the crazy ant has been found in Florida, Texas, Mississippi, and Louisiana. It’s believed that they originally came from either the Caribbean or South America and made their way into the U.S. on cargo ships. Once they reached the Gulf Coast, the theory is that they’ve moved from state to state by traveling on bales of hay. Without knowing exactly where the crazy, hairy ants came from, it’s more difficult to prevent them from entering the country. Fortunately the ants don’t sting or bite. If they did, this ant invasion would be much more of an emergency.

Battling the Hairy Ants

What’s interesting about the crazy ants is that they don’t respond to traditional pesticides. For some reason, when the ants are killed by pesticides, they excrete a chemical that cues other ants to come in to help defend the colony. As a result, swarms of ants rush in and the problem simply multiplies.

Since traditional pesticides are proving ineffective, new chemicals are in the works to battle the crazy ants before they spread out of control. Texas just approved temporary use of two chemicals, but their effectiveness has not been proven yet.

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