Creation Museum Denies Access To Same Sex Couple: No Refund

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The controversial Creation Museum in Kentucky denied access to a male couple and refused to refund their $71.90 entry fee to a special event. Museum officials claim it was their right to deny access and keep the entry fee despite having allowed tax money to build a Christian themed amusement park.

The incident occurred as 2 men and one woman tried to attend a special event that included dinner, musical performances and a talk from museum founder Ken Ham about love and their particular “biblical view” of marriage. The Creation Museum operator, called Answers in Genesis, claims it should have been obvious to everyone that the event was for heterosexual couples only.

John Meador, Joe Sonka and an unnamed female guest had purchased tickets to the event for a total of $71.90. Sonka and his girlfriend arrived on time but the other male was late. He was stopped by security guards because he was alone and when Sonka and his girlfriend came to the manÂ’s rescue, Sonka told the guards he was the manÂ’s date for the event. The guards said the event was for male and female couples only and would not let the man in.

It is ironic the Ken Ham was giving his address at the same time speaking on “Christian love” when it was clear their brand of Christianity is so narrow. The theme park, designed under a “Christian” theme, is intended to showcase the peculiar idea that God created the earth in 4,000 to 6,000 years ago. Obviously, this organization doesn’t hold the same interpretation of the bible as many other Christians.

To be fair, Joe Sonka is the writer of a blog called Barefoot and Progressive who has criticized the Creation Museum and its founder in the past. Sonka is known for his opposition to the park getting public tax breaks to the museum’s backers to build based on their version of the  biblical story of Noah’s ark. John Meador is a staff writer for the Louisville alternative newspaper LEO Weekly. It is imagined the two men, who are not gay, set the whole thing up in order to display the organizationÂ’s attitude toward gays.

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