Creation Museum Denies Entry to Gay Couple

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A gay couple was denied entry to a “Date Night” event at the Creation Museum in Kentucky. Guards at the evangelical Christian museum told one member of the couple that he and his soon-to-arrive partner were not welcome at the event, because they were gay.

A party of three (one male/female couple and one man, Brandon) arrived at the Creation Museum’s “Date Night” event, as the event was beginning. They had purchased tickets in advance. A fourth member of the party (Joe) hadn’t yet arrived, and a security guard asked to know what Brandon’s date’s car looked like to verify his identity when he arrived. When Brandon informed the guard that his date was another man the guard became snide and said, “You guys (my girlfiend and I) can go inside but your friend and Joe cannot.

The guard went on to say that they could not receive a refund, because the event had been publicized as being closed to homosexuals (this was untrue).

How is it Christian to be gay?

According to Brandon, “I told McDonald [the guard] that it wasnÂ’t very Christian to exclude people,” to which he rhetorically asked, “How exactly is it Christian to be gay?”

Ironically, while the Creation Museum finds homosexuality so offensive that they refused to allow a gay couple to enter an event that they had bought tickets for, the Museum sees no problem whatsoever in allowing entry to convicted murderers like Jeffrey Bornhoeft.

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