Creationism Debate Sparked During Florida Bill Proposal

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A new bill proposed in the state of Florida will allow teachers to challenge the scientific theory of evolution during science class, opening the possibility that creationism may also be taught. This bill, which failed when it was proposed once in 2009, is being resubmitted for consideration now that the House of Representatives is dominantly conservative.

Advocates of science and biology are shocked and outraged at this proposal, because it could muddle the scientifically based teachings of evolution while inspiring confusion among students. It could also give teachers the ability to indoctrinate children with their personal religious views. The laughably pathetic Discovery Institute is to thank for the origination of this bill’s premise. Since it inspired the phrase to “critically analyze scientific theory of evolution.” It is because of mind’s like these who believe the world is so complex that it must be  all because of a creator, the same minds who confuse the meanings of science theory, and everyday theory.

This bill could potentially change the way science taught in the state of Florida, and it may not be a positive change, according to those who advocate logic and science. Brandon Haught of Florida Citizens for Science, thinks it’s preposterous. He calls the bill “quite literally, an embarrassment for our state.”

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