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I look around and it seems just about everyone is drowning in credit card debt…. it's sad. My friends and family – they don't think twice it seems, swipe the credit card and move on…..

I will admit – I was once 18 and stupid, racked up a LOT of credit card debt and never paid it. I'm now 25 and am ALMOST done paying it all off! I'll be completly debt free by 2010.

We have NO credit cards in our house – and we won't be getting any either!

If we don't have the cash – then we don't need it!

I learned my lesson – late fees, HIGH finance charges, other fees…. fees, fees, fees…. A $500 credit card can easily turn into a $2,000 bill – believe me – I know…..

I wish more people would try living credit card free for awhile…. see how nice it is to not have debt on your mind!


Sorry – just was wanting to vent I guess…. lol….. A certain someone I know charged up over $1,000 just on christmas – and NOW she's complaining and whining about it…. Well, sorry – But I don't feel bad – she swiped that card – she's going to have to deal with it now! Ugh…. I just don't know what to say to her……

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