Creepy Crawlies, Beware! (posted for FWE, BSG)

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Insects were always the enemy in my family, when I was a child. Stupid, mean, hurtful  creatures! Catch and release–what’s that?? Kill them, blast them with pesticides! But we all know the problems that way of thinking leads to…but what’s the alternative? Who would ever think that “talking to the animals” would work for anyone, other than maybe Dr. Dolittle? Temple Grandin tells us that “animals think in pictures.” So can we–with them! I have tried it lately and actually had some success–sending ants away from the house, warding off yellow jackets…now I’m working on fleas the pets bring in. I don’t often work in rhyme, or try to proselytize anyone, but that’s what’s happening here. My apologies!


Swat that fly, stomp that spider,

Scream for Dad when a centipede appears!

The enemy invasion must be beaten back…

The only way to quell our fears.


Or–could there be another way?

No way we will let them lurk.

Co-existence is not an option.

Catch and release–could it work?


It takes a greater effort,

Getting close to the horrible thing.

Eeuu–it might sting or bite–

Or at least escape on the wing.


Can it be done? At least give it a try.

A container and cardboard will do.

Take your time, scoop carefully–

You are as scary to IT as it is to YOU.

For every critter has its job to do.


But what about critters that won’t go?

Too small, too tenacious, macro-size?

Think hoo-doo, or a good talking-to:

“Pick on creatures your own size.”


Don’t laugh–I’m serious! Use your Reiki

or intention or prayer. Let them know:

you won’t be a victim, they’re outta here!

Strong oils will deliver a low blow.

Cedar, lavender, lime–now go!


Your home is sacrosanct, and your body.

They can get along fine outdoors.

give them three chances, so they hear you.

A request has worked for me, it can work for yours.

If they don’t listen–get the cannons, man the floors!


Only God knows why he made the insects,

Humanity’s bane for eons of time!

We don’t have to live together–but apart

we should do just fine.



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