Creepy wedding dress display at Buckingham Palace haunting Queen Elizabeth?

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The royal wedding dress worn by bride Kate Middleton has gone on public display at Buckingham Palace. But is the gown itself enchanting or enchanted? The dress display looks eerie in a ghostly sort of way, prompting the Royal Family and Queen herself to wonder if the dress has a spirit of its own already or if the enchanting exhibit will be haunted by famous celebs like Kate and Prince William someday.

Celebs telling ghost stories

It was Queen Elizabeth II who was the first to make a claim that the new wedding gown display at Buckingham Palace that her staff designed is haunting. She allegedly thinks it looks odd in a bone-chilling way. The headless mannequin with the floating bridal veil and tiara make “the gown itself looks somehow alive, vibrant, and radiant—as if it is ready to take off on its own to whisk around a ballroom dance floor,” reports Green Celebrity Network.

Rumors of ghosts in old buildings like palaces and castles in England where celebs live already have royal visitors scared enough in the dark.

Buckingham Palace, for instance, is rumored to be haunted by the ghost of a monk who appears annually on Christmas day. Rumors from ghost hunters and royal family staff say that he stands on the terrace, overlooking the rear gardens wearing chains and his brown robes—not as lighthearted an image as an enchanting wedding dress, making viewers daydream about the magical item dancing the night away.

Buckingham Palace Ghosts

But to have what looks to be an enchanted wedding dress floating about? No wonder the queen implied the entire exhibit creeped her out—perhaps it makes her think about the paranormal. The idea of adding more ghostly reports to the list of eerie things to have in Buckingham Palace is a horrid one, and if anything were to happen to Kate Middleton (like Princess Diana), the royal wedding bridal gown display would be considered entirely creepy due to the effect the mannequin gives off—one Kate Middleton herself says has a “3-D effect.”

Famous celebs dress collections on display

For those who follow pop culture history and fashion, the dresses of famous presidents wives on display at the Smithsonian Museum in Washington, DC, produce a similar sensation in viewers. The dresses, ball gowns, and evening attire on mannequins do give you an idea about the size and shape of former first ladies.

However, unlike the dress on display in 2011 at Buckingham Palace in London, England—the family home of Queen Elizabeth that she keeps as her private residence—the President’s Wives dress collection is housed in a museum where no one comes home to sleep at night. Buckingham Palace, built in 1703 and home to the British monarchs, is not just a tourist attraction; it’s the Royal Family celebrity home.

More about the creepy dress exhibit

“Perhaps that is why the Queen was given such a shudder—thinking she lives in the palace with an enchanted ball gown,” GCN added. “Hopefully, she’ll realize that the dress represents the rise of Kate Middleton—the woman who will hopefully be a mother to the next generation of royals and know that it is a symbol of living history that make the world love the Royal Family all the more,” or at the very least, entice visitors to tour the palace as frightened tourists interested in the paranormal.

Read more about the enchanted Royal Wedding Dress and check out the photos yourself to see why the Queen called Kate Middleton’s wedding dress creepy-looking. Does the dress exhibit give you the creeps? Tell us in the comments section.

Kate Middleton wedding dress

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