Crimes of the Clintons: Murder, Mass Murder and Involvement in 9/11

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[ An author has written a book that is of interest if one wants to kow about the “Great Bitch”, Hillary Clinton & her hubby, “Slick Willy” Clinton. It is an eye-opener, a dangerous piece of work for the author & one that could lead to indictments for the Clintons….! Check it out…! ]

Crimes of the Clintons: Murder, Mass Murder and Involvement in 9/11
by Milton Charney*      

    * Is it possible that a well-spoken, leftist-leaning, self-absorbed political couple could, through the use of lies and shady deals, rise to the position of President and First Lady?
    * Is it possible that while in office they could commit Pardongate, Filegate, the treasonous sales of classified lethal technology, and many more abuses of power and the public trust?
    * Is it possible that unburdened by such concepts as human life or conscience, they could orchestrate and cover up crimes far too horrifying for the mainstream media or moderates to even consider?
    * Is it possible that the female half of this couple, the former First Lady, could now actually be making a serious run for the Presidency of our country? And positioning herself to make an even stronger and successful run in 2012?

It is the objective of the book to present the evidence that all of the above has indeed happened and the saga is continuing at this moment.
It is also the objective to point to the vulnerabilities and prevailing conditions that the Clintons so successfully exploited in their first term, and will surely repeat if given the opportunity.
There are a great many people who will have a spontaneous, visceral, programmed reaction. These include not only liberals but conservatives who do not wish to see themselves or be viewed as being too far to the “right,” congressional representatives who recognized that being a Clinton Accuser does not bring votes, and all those who do not wish to relinquish their beliefs that they have the power to make judgments based on how a person looks and acts.
Their immediate reaction to my objectives is the term “ridiculous.” and I must concede that such a reaction is correct, accurate, and perfectly understandable.
Nevertheless, I must make this qualifying statement. Just because something is ridiculous does not mean it is untrue. Ten years ago, if we had been told that the President of the United States would be having sex right in the Oval Office, and go on national television to lie about it, we would have termed such a tale ridiculous. Or if in 1991, we had been told that the future president would be getting state troopers to lure women to his hotel room for a supposed job offer, and then when his proposal for sex gets rejected, he drops his drawers. Ridiculous? Of course, but both these events happened. And if a few years ago, all the allegations and scandals connected to the Clintons would have passed without any prosecutions, despite the evidence, and the President’s wife would be taking serious aim at the presidency, that would truly have been the most ridiculous of all.
The objective of this writing will be to bring out the truth… even if the truth is downright ridiculous.
The topics focused upon do NOT include sex, lying, or sleazy white-collar crimes. The conclusions we hope will be arrived at will depend upon a step-by-step incorporation of the following.

Step One: First and foremost – To keep accusations about the Clintons limited to charges involving sex and lies and sleaze, Clintonistas, and the media have characterized investigative reports and revelations of the truly horrific crimes as “far right-wing conspiracy” theories without any countering evidence. Intelligent and patriotic conservatives must no longer allow such “psychological intimidations” to be a successful defense and proceed to a careful evaluation of the evidence.

Step Two: On national TV, a respected democratic businesswoman courageously described being violently raped by Bill Clinton. Friends corroborated critical details of her injuries. Later, on the Bill O’Reilly show, she described being approached by Hillary and receiving an ominous “suggestion” to remain quiet. (Much evidence incidentally is presented in the book, showing Hillary’s role in the crimes and atrocities.) This incident alone should lead to the strong suspicion that these people are ABSOLUTELY NOTHING like the gentle and compassionate characters that appear before cameras.

Step Three: Americans must carefully scrutinize the one “investigation” that cleared the Clintons. A careful examination of the “Independent” Counsel’s reports on the death of Vince Foster shows that EVERY SINGLE piece of forensic evidence, all fourteen of them, lead to or supports the conclusion of murder, that the summary statement of suicide was only a cover story, and that further analysis of the same “Independent” Counsel reports show that the White House had to be involved in the murder, and still further analysis shows that Hillary was personally involved in the murder and cover-up.

Step Four: After it is apparent that the Clintons committed at least one murder, the evidence is presented showing the tremendous number of “untimely deaths” and atrocities during their administration as well as the astounding quantity of endeavors aimed at suppressing the truth. Details and examples are illustrated in the Waco incident. Equal in significance is the frightening question of just how they used their power to manipulate government agencies and bureaucracies to orchestrate, cover up, and even have the disaster blamed on the Davidians themselves.

Step Five: After it is ESTABLISHED that the Clintons will commit any crime which will – in Hillary’s brain – enhance their power and make the world better, special attention is focused on Oklahoma City. Overwhelming evidence is presented suggesting that McVeigh’s little homemade manure bomb could not possibly have done all that damage and there is overwhelming evidence that Middle Eastern terrorists planted the big bombs to coincide within the same time frame. Motive and tactics used to accomplish their objectives are elaborated.

Step Six: After it is ESTABLISHED that Bill and Hillary orchestrated Oklahoma City and will do ANYTHING to fulfill their aspirations, we can then proceed to their most horrifying crime, and the question MUST be asked: If the Middle Eastern terrorists did the big bombs for the Clintons, just what did Bill and Hillary do for the terrorists in return? The evidence is then detailed showing THAT THE NUMEROUS ACTIONS TAKEN BY THE CLINTON ADMINISTRATION TO AID TERRORISM AND 9/11 WERE NOT DUE TO MISGUIDED POLICIES OR MONICA DISTRACTIONS, BUT INSTEAD WERE CAREFULLY PLANNED AND INTENTIONAL ACTS OF RECIPROCATION OF OKLAHOMA CITY AND OTHER TERRORIST “SERVICES.”
Just a FEW of the questions asked – and answered – simply – with evidence – without any so-called convoluted “conspiracy theorizing” whatsoever.
1) On four occasions on the campaign trail, Hillary touted her story about dodging bullets in Bosnia. After being exposed, she responded by referring to the individual who exposed the lie as a “mere comedian.” She also characterized her tale as a “misstatement” and joked about it on the Jay Leno show and, in general, displayed a casual attitude about the incident.  The psychopathology profile is referred to.  Could this behavior have been caused by “sleep deprivation” or is it indicative of a far more severe and dangerous pathology?

2)Shortly after the Clintons took office we all saw, on national T.V., government forces ramming tanks into the home of innocent Americans, inserting poisonous gas into the structure, followed by flames that engulfed the entire structure in an incredibly quick time.  Yet, the cause of the disaster was blamed on the victims themselves. The question: was this the greatest con in world history and what was the amazingly simple tactic that helped pull it off?
3) Below is photo of the x-ray of Ron Brown’s skull after his plane crashed.
Ron Brown’s X-ray
Image of Ron Brown’s Skull after the plane crash
The question asked – and answered – why does the photo reveal a bullet hole in his skull?

4) And GUARENTEED, BEYOND A SHADOW OF A DOUBT, the most shocking and significant question – and answer – of all.

Shortly after the Oklahoma City bombing the FBI issued an all Points Bulletin, which appeared in newspapers throughout the country of the sketch of McVeigh’s suspected accomplice. The APB was suddenly, and mysteriously withdrawn without explanation and the individual was enabled to continue life in the USA. Now, the question: WHERE WAS THIS CREATURE EMPLOYED AND WHAT WAS HE DOING ON 9/11?

Note: The answer to this question appears in the last section of the book. It is hoped that the full presentation will be read, especially the Oaklahoma City section, before seeking the answer to this question.
John Doe II
John Doe II
It’s About Evidence

Throughout, references will be made and points established based on filmed or recorded events, first-had witness statements, and the government’s own literature.  To give just a few examples, a key piece of evidence presented by Ken Starr to promot his position that Vince Foster committed suicide will be shown to be fraud, and that will be seen by comparing the evidence log in Robert Fiske’s Independent Counsel Report with Starr’s own report, produced and distributed two and a half years later.  We’re talking about the administration’s own literature.  In order to bring the Oklahoma City bombing to a neat, swift conclusion without involving Middle Eastern cohorts, fraudulent evidence was introduced, designed to solidfy the case against McVeigh with brevity and efficiency, and this can be seen by referring to the trial transcripts. A key question concerning what Clinton knew about the plans to attack innocent civilians in Waco, long denied, is now answered, and the answer appears in his own book. The shocking information connecting the Okalhoma City bombing, 9/11, and the Clintons, is contained in the personnel files of the airport from which the planes embarked for eventual diversion into the World Trade Center.  All assertions about all other facts or occurrences referred to can be similarly backed up.  This is about evidence.
Part 1: The Clinton Defenses

– Their best “defense” through the years is they look Too Nice and Normal to have committed anything more than sleazy white-collar crimes. It is shown that the more horrific the crime, the more effective is this defense. The defense is analyzed with respect to their deeds and actions, and you decide if this “defense” has any merit.
– “ITS OLD NEWS”; It’s already been investigated, etc. etc. After a careful evaluation of the evidence, you decide which is old and tired – the accusations or the “defense.”

Part 2: The real record of the Clinton Administration

– Liberals point to the rising stock market, low unemployment and other economic indicators correlating with the Clinton years, along with the presumption that their policies had something to do with it. However, it is shown that the most significant correlation is DEATH for people whose knowledge or experience posed a problem for the Clintons. Details, numbers, the problems posed, and the types of deaths are presented.
You decide if “coincidence” is a plausible explanation.
– THE PERSONAL INVOLVEMENT OF HILLARY. As written by Barbara Olsen before her death on 9/11, “all roads lead to Hillary.” This section gives evidence that Hillary truly was involved in everything.

Part 3: How and Why?

– Tactics and techniques are presented showing how they exploited the vulnerabilities in our system of government to implement and cover up atrocities and walk away wit wealth and prestige.
Most examples are taken from the Wako incident and the chapter, HILLARY’S OKLAHOMA CITY PLANTATION. Two crucial items follow:
– That the big bomb in Oklahoma City, coinciding time-wise with McVeigh’s puny home-made manure bomb, was planted by Middle-Eastern terrorists.
– And in Part 4, that the first World Trade Center attack, in 1993, and the Oklahoma City bombing, and the World Trade Center attack in 2007 were all committed by the same terrorist group.

Part 4: The Ultimate Crime and Betrayal

– Did they have ongoing communication with the terrorists starting in 1993?
– Did they know about the 9/11 attack two years before hand?
(This is supported by concrete visual evidence.)

The evidence is presented – you decide.

Reader Comments
“For years, the Clintons abused their power and trust and Republicans were too polite to come out with clearly stated accusations. Instead they would come out with characterizations such as ‘strange’ or ‘mysterious’ and ‘unanswered questions.’ As a result the Clinton-orchestrated crimes increased in their degree of horror. Finally we have a book that presents the evidence and holds nothing back.” – Harley Morris

“I’ve read a load of books about the crimes of the Clintons, but none contains as much information and evidence as this one. It doesn’t bother with some silly sex matter and instead focuses on the full scale atrocities.” – Bud Shasteen

“I chuckled… you have Hillary down pat.” – Former congressman John LeBoutillier about the depictions of Hillary’s language and personality.

“A remarkable amount of research covering politics and personalities and psychological profiles as well as investigative details.” – Robert Servatius

“I liked the recurring theme in this book about the so-called ‘conspiracy theorists’ depictions of Clinton accusers by Clinton supporters. This book show that the true convoluted ‘conspiracy’ theories are put out by the Clinton defenders.” – Bob Machala

“So many of the points were made with great humor. It’s about time these phonies were laughed at.” – Josephine Dillon

“This book is an absolute MUST read. It’s a shocking exposé of politicians run amok.” – Gen. Charles Jones (Ret.)

“A brilliant and accurate record of the obvious horrible murders covered up by government and media.” – Alvin Norberg (Mr. Norberg has served as an expert witness in 150 accident investigations and before Superior Courts in a number of cases. He was one of those referred to above whose opinion was published by the Oklahoma City Bombing Investigation Committee.)

“A brilliant presentation … considering the number of pages and the enormous quantity of information, the price is an excellent value.” – Georgeann Hughes, Host of “The Byte Show”
Purchasing this Book
Book Description
Size: 5 1/2″ by 8 1/12″, 440 pages
Price: $22.95
Not available in book stores.
Due to the astounding number of deaths and “disappearances,” detailed in the book, of those who possessed or distributed information about the more horrifying crimes of the Clintons, we have taken the following steps:

a) The author’s “name” is a pseudonym, based on his father’s first name and his mother’s maiden name.

b) We regret that we cannot accept orders by mail since that would entail listing our address.

c) We will rely on the privacy and security features of Pay Pal.  

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