‘Criminal Minds’ ‘Hit’ Recap: A Deadly Hostage Situation

Criminal Minds season 7 continued with episode 23, “Hit.” Everyone’s enjoying their day off. JJ and Henry see Will off to work. Beth joins Hotch and Jack. Reid and Garcia (in costume) head to a sci-fi convention but leave when they run into Kevin with a woman and bump into Rossi. After he leaves, they see Strauss. Prentiss begins questioning her future and her real estate choices. She wonders if she’s crazy to walk away, and Morgan tells her to follow her gut.

The Face Cards rob their next bank. Will arrives on scene as they try to head out back. They kill his partner, and he shoots back, hitting one. They retreat into the bank.

“Fear Is Met and Destroyed With Courage.”

The BAU has been called in to negotiate and watch the feed of inside the bank from the Mobile Command Center. The unsubs are using the hostages as a shield. Jack’s bleeding out, and while Queen’s cold, King actually cares. Hotch wonders if the men are related. Rossi makes contact, and King asks for a doctor. He refuses to offer a sign of good faith, and Queen grabs a girl. Her father volunteers in her place, and Queen shoots. They’re sending in an agent with medical training who could take advantage if a situation arises.

The Face Cards usually hit smaller banks, so why did they hit this one? In all of them, Queen’s the only one to pull the trigger. Garcia identifies the men: brothers Chris and Oliver. They weren’t successful criminals. That changed with the sadistic woman. Chris tells Oliver to stay with him and tells the Queen to kill someone else to make them listen and send a medic in.

They need to turn the King and Queen against one another but also have to hope Jack doesn’t die. Morgan preps Green to go in, and Rossi calls Chris by name on the phone when he tells him a medic’s being sent in. Queen takes off her mask, says they don’t know all their names, and puts on lipstick. Green walks in and gets to work. Morgan tells Green to make a movie before Chris does. He reaches for his gun, but Chris kills him.

Snipers are moving into position, and the director has ordered a full tactical assault. It’s the wrong call, and Hotch asks Strauss to buy them some time. Garcia tells them someone else has hacked the feed. Queen tells Chris they need to pull themselves together and says to demand an armored truck. She tells him they’re going to be famous.

Clyde calls Prentiss with information on Queen. They’ve seen her before in a Paris robbery. No one can identify her, and she didn’t have partners overseas. She seems to be enjoying the attention and doesn’t appear to be in it for the money. Chris tells Rossi he wants an armored truck and a plane to Switzerland. Queen changes that to Chad. They’ll fly themselves there. Prentiss calls Clyde, who offers her the chance to run an Interpol team. The text alerting them of the robbery came from the unsubs. She wanted them there.

They need to figure out what Queen wants. Someone hacked the feeds this morning. Queen’s real partner is watching, and she’s showing off for him. Rossi tells Chris about the text. Queen claims she didn’t send it and not to let them tear them apart. Chris asks for the cop who shot Oliver.

JJ refuses because Chris could retaliate. Chris says he’ll let some hostages go if they do. Rossi refuses, and Chris kills a hostage, promising to kill one every minute until Will goes in. Will wants to, but Hotch tells him they’re going in. Chris grabs another hostage, Matthew, but then Will walks into the bank, and Morgan has to physically restrain JJ. Chris sends out a woman and two kids. He asks Will his name before shooting him. The feed goes out.

JJ asks Garcia if he’s alive or dead. He was wearing a vest, but they don’t know. JJ needs to get inside. Hotch says they’re going in. Matthew and Lynn tend to Will’s wounds. Reid asks Kevin to pull up the feeds before Will was shot. What was Queen doing if she wasn’t looking for an escape? Matthew suggests working the unsubs against each other. He’s a former Marine. Will tells him to get a message to JJ: he’s sorry. She already knows he loves her. Will tells Chris that Queen’s taking orders from someone else and points out she’s setting him up to take the fall. Chris pushes Will to the back. The hostages take the opportunity to walk out.

Chris and Will find Queen, and he asks what she’s doing. The agents begin going in, and Reid realizes she’s been following the gas lines. He tells Garcia to get them out, and the bank explodes.

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